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Mystery Wearable Tech Google, which was purchased by Fossil Might, was Hybrid Watch Stuff – Droid Life

At the beginning of the year, Google purchased from Fossil a kind of mystery tech that it hoped would bring to market so everyone could expand the portable space. Google paid $ 40 million for it, as did some of Fossil's R & D teams, but until today we really had no idea what it is but "a new product innovation that has not yet hit the market." Wareable Perhaps a report they shared this morning threw new light on the transaction.

According to this report, Google has purchased / licensed a hybrid smartwatch technology developed by Fossil, known internally as "Diana." The team that built it within Fossil is part of Misfit, the wearable fitness equipment company that Fossil bought back in 201

5. You probably know the Wear OS watches on the Misfit Vapor line, of which we just unpacked the latest one here. [19659002] A hybrid watch like this would have both digital and analog parts for those who are unfamiliar, as well as improved power consumption compared to a traditional smartwatch that could last for days or even weeks. This new "Diana" hybrid technology was made in variants with and without screens that Google seems to have access to as part of this deal.

In addition to this "Diana" technology, Google has left the engineering team behind, it was part of Misfit again. According to this report, Google should have been more interested in this team of engineers than in the hybrid stuff.

That leaves us with some questions, such as what Google saw in this team from Misfit, that they thought might really help them with their wearable ideas if they did not care about the hybrid technology they did have built? Maybe this report is a selling point for hybrid technology, and maybe Google has seen other potential there? Wear OS is not specifically designed for hybrids (just ask LG), so will something change there?

I have to say, this news is partly disappointing, mixed with a hint of confusion. Why? Because hybrid watches have been around for years and they offer a minimum of intelligent features. They count steps, humming or pinging you for selected notifications, providing as much as a full-featured smartwatch. Would be great if Google just told us what and why they bought.

To learn more about this story, which includes a bit of insider baseball on fossil dramas between Fossil and Misfit teams, click on the link below.

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