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N.C.A.A. Live Tournament: Virginia Survives, U.C. Irvine Surprises and Duke Leads

Not everyone thought the coach had done something wrong. He absolutely did not do it.

"If you're a freshman at this time of year, do not make any mental mistakes in things we tell a man which way he goes or does not go back," said Izzo. "There are a few things that Aaron did not do a very good job of.

"And yet you know something? I came after him and he answered and he made some big buckets and he made some big free throws, but that's not good enough. This is a unique time. The "my baths" are out the window. If it's my fault because the guy played better and it's my bad because I went back and did not jump back, then it's your bad and you'll hear about it. That's the way it was.

A follow-up question annoyed Izzo, who responded with the following:

"I'm getting kicked out of you guys," he said. "Chase someone because you try to hold him accountable. I do not know what industry you are in, because if I was the head of a newspaper and you did not do your job, you would be held accountable. That's the way it is. PAT BORZI

The N.C.A.A. Frauenfeld was announced a day later than the men's group, and now it will start a day later.

A surprise, if you have followed a rare women's basketball? UConn, the dominant team of a generation, is number two this year.

"I mean, we lost two games," UConn coach Geno Auriemma told reporters, full of sarcasm.

What he did not say was that the Huskies lost on the road against Baylor and Louisville. And that these teams are both number one this year, which is a more open tournament, at least on paper, than in previous years.

Kelly Whiteside had the tournament here in the preview.

Syracuse played on Thursday without his high-ranking point-keeper Frank Howard in his 78-69 loss to Baylor. Howard was suspended indefinitely on the eve of the tournament because he had violated an indefinite university policy, and while the Orange traded the Bears shots for a while, they clearly missed him.

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