A New Jersey man felt that something was wrong.

Kevin Daly, 63, lost more than 30 pounds his protruding "beer belly" did not shrink by an ounce.

"I do not even like beer," he told the [19659007] New York Daily News . "I was slim, I'm 6 & 3 and very athletic."

Turns out he was right. He had a massive 30-pound tumor growing in his stomach.

A Huge Discovery

The Hoboken financial planner lost 34 pounds following an open heart surgery in 2015. But he became worried after his waist did not slim an inch.

"I thought they literally left meat mincers and surgical tools in me," Daly told The New York Daily News

He convinced a Manhattan doctor, despite to perform a CAT scan of its problems

The scan resulted in a shocking discovery – a tumor in its midst.

During a mass removal operation in December, doctors recognized that the tumor was three times as large as originally thought. According to the release, she was wrapped around one of Daly's kidneys.

Daly's surgeon dr. Julio Teixeira told Daily News that the mass was the largest tumor he had ever removed.

It took two residents to keep up and cut a meticulous four hours, added Teixeira.

Daly said doctors believe it took 10 to 15 years to grow.

& # 39; I'm back to my college weight

Daly's "beer belly" is a thing of the past.

Tests show that he suffers from liposarcoma, a cancer that develops in the fat cells of the soft tissue.

The symptoms of the rare cancer include the abdominal swelling MayoClinic .

Daly experienced all these symptoms

He now weighs 187 pounds, Daly said.

"I'm back to my college weight, which is great," he told the Daily News .


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