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Nancy Pelosi calls President Trump’s executive actions “absurdly unconstitutional”

“Well, the fact is that it takes time to find out if they are legal or not. I connect my remarks with what Senator (Ben) Sasse says they are ‘unconstitutional’. For now, let’s get to the needs of the American people, “she told CNN’s Dana Bash State of the Union when asked if she would sue to block it. “As my constitutional advisers tell me, they are absurdly unconstitutional.”

On Saturday, Trump bypassed Congress and enforced his executive powers by signing four measures to fight the coronavirus after Democrats and the White House failed to reach an agreement on a stimulus package.

One of the measures will provide up to $ 400 in increased unemployment benefits, but this increased unemployment benefit memorandum ̵

1; which 25% of states are required to cover – has more terms than the White House has recognized and is seen as a cumbersome effort that may not help many unemployed people.

The other three measures he signed include a memorandum on payroll tax leave for Americans earning no more than $ 100,000 a year, an “assisting tenants and homeowners” order, and a memorandum on deferring student loan payments.

After weeks of negotiations on the next stimulus package between Pelosi, Senate Minority Chairman Chuck Schumer, and White House senior negotiator Trump, Mark Meadows Chief of Staff, and Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, talks broke down on Friday. The Trump administration turned down a Democratic offer to agree to a stimulus price of around $ 2 trillion, with Mnuchin calling it a “non-starter”.

When asked if Democrats were ready to continue negotiating a coronavirus relief bill, Pelosi told Bash on Sunday, “Well, we have to. We have to, and that’s why we were ready to say we will fall a trillion. ”

Many questions have been raised about the effectiveness of Trump’s executive actions and whether states have funds available for the benefits. Since Congress did not approve an extension of the federal supplementary unemployment benefits, the state must put in place an entirely new system to provide the additional aid, which can take months. The memorandum signed by the president was not an unemployment insurance benefit and would not get through the unemployment insurance program already in place in the states.

CNN previously reported that Democrats are likely to challenge the executive measures in court.

Schumer called Trump’s actions “poor” on Saturday, and on Sunday the New York Democrat would not say whether the president’s actions were legal or whether he would take legal action.

“The country club event is exactly what Trump is doing, a big show, but it doesn’t matter, and when Americans look at these executive orders, they’ll find they don’t get close to the job.” he said during an interview on ABC’s “This Week”.

He added, “I leave this to the lawyers, it doesn’t do the job. It won’t go into effect for weeks and months in most places because it’s put together so crazy.”

Pelosi also criticized the president’s actions on Sunday, saying a lot is being left out.

“Everything is left out, our help to schools, to feeding the hungry, to helping people who are displaced,” she said. “The president’s moratorium, he’s just done a study or looked at a moratorium. So again, something’s wrong.”

This story has been updated with additional developments.

CNN’s Aaron Pellish, Kristen Holmes, Tami Luhby, Jeremy Diamond and Nicky Robertson contributed to this report.

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