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NASA and European Space Agency are seeking women for space studies

The Clarion call sounds.
Photo: Steve Gorton; Getty Images (bed); starfish123 / Getty Images (pancake)

Some personal news: I'll embark on a new professional adventure – eating pancakes in bed for 60 days – as soon as NASA and the European Space Agency hires me. I love blogging a lot and I'm sad to leave lizard news behind, but if the enlightenment call sounds, we have to answer.

And I do not think I have ever qualified for a position better than NASA and ESA is currently trying to fill. Let me tell you something about the work. To find out how astronauts' gravity affects the bodies of astronauts, the two agencies have planned a study in the German Aerospace Center. Participants must remain fully bed-bound for two months during this period, according to CNN:

A team of nutritionists is curing the meals so participants will not gain weight and have all the nutrients they need. However, the German Aerospace Center (DLR) says on its website that meals are not "particularly healthy" and sometimes pancakes or other sweet treats.

It's not like my life will be all flapjacks and snack snacks Here's that my bed is tilted 6 degrees so my feet are higher than my head and I will not be able to get out of anything – Do not go to the bathroom, do not eat, do not take a shower That does not sound very pleasant, but these are the sacrifices we have to make for science: we know that removing gravity from the body causes bones and muscles to degenerate, while all fluids rush to the head. To counteract this deterioration, astronauts have to train countless hours, which seems like a waste of space-time.

The researchers seem to agree, and have designed a "short-arm human centrifuge" that "artificially" makes gravity "per CNN. If I understand it, my mission will be to prevent muscle atrophy in a simulated spacecraft scenario so that scientists can use me as a guinea pig and see if their centrifuge works. If I agree, I would get $ 18,522 for my time.

Why am I so convinced that I am chosen for this very important task? Well. NASA and ESA are looking for twelve women between the ages of 24 and 55 who do not smoke but speak German. They can be available between September and December 2019. Check, check, check and test. In addition, bedding in bed is at the top of my list of favorite activities. Likewise! I am actively interested in the growth of moon clothing and aliens. For more information on these topics, astronauts must be able to explore astronomical targets. I like to help them with breakfast in bed, it feels like I could do it.

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