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NASA Announces Plans for a Final Return to the Moon – RT USA News

The head of NASA has determined the space agency's ambitious plan to return to the moon next year and stay there this time, exploring the satellite like never before.

In a " bold response " to a mandate from US President Donald Trump to leave Earth Earth orbit for the first time since 1972, space agency administrator Jim Bridenstine wrote a post for private American companies and industry leaders to " assist in the design and development of human lunar lander. "

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near and distant future, including the return of astronauts to the moon and sending the first to Mars. However, the NASA chief made it clear that retransmitting people to the moon does not mean " doing the same as 50 years ago ."

" We use innovative new technologies to go to the Moon and systems to explore more surface locations than we ever thought possible, so if we go to the Moon this time ," he wrote about Ozy.

Bridenstine said NASA wanted to "begin as soon as possible" and has already committed to working with nine US companies to send new scientific instruments to the surface of the moon for commercial cargo deliveries.

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The ambitious new mission will commence next week, according to Bridenstine, when the agency will meet with industry leaders in NASA's Headquarters begin talks about moon landing participants. The team plans to launch its first commercial lunar landing by the end of 2020.

Bridenstine says the revived mission will introduce the Moon to more than two-thirds of Americans who were not alive for the iconic Apollo landing. 19659003] Do you think your friends would be interested? Share this story!

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