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NASA Asteroid WARNING: Bennu "on a collision course with Earth" was shown in AMAZING photographs Science | news

A "potentially dangerous" astroide, believed to harbor an alien life, is racing toward Earth. The US space agency NASA has calculated that there is a 2,700 chance that the asteroid, called Bennu, will hit our planet in the next century and end life on Earth as we know it. And newly released photos have so far shown the most detailed views of the strangely shaped "Apocalypse asteroid."

The Bennu tracking of the NASA spacecraft OSIRIS-REx has taken incredibly detailed footage of the deadly space rock more than 1.4 billion kilometers away.

OSIRIS-REx has orbited Bennu since early 2019 to learn more about the asteroid.

With a diameter of only 500 meters, Bennu is the smallest object ever orbited by an orbit artificial satellite.

The latest images were taken when OSIRIS-REx was only a mile above Bennu's surface.

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The twitter account of OSIRIS-REx tweeted, "While I was orbitalizing A flying around Bennu, my scientific cameras are not collecting data.

"But my navCam 1

imager is taking optical navigation pictures like these on my way to monitor the branches.

OSIRIS-REx was blown up from Earth two years ago to study and return to a study by Bennu in 2023.

OSIRIS-REx will circle Bennu for the rest of the year before approaching close enough

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The OSIRIS REx mission aims to return a 2.1-ounce regolith specimen.

The OSIRIS REx Twitter report added: "For those who keep track of things at home I've walked just 2.2 billion kilometers since leaving home in September 2016.

"I will remain in orbit until Bennu, before the end of February, a series of fly-bys for the detailed survey begin."

It is believed that asteroid Bennu is a carbon-rich rock that may contain extraterrestrial organic matter.

A NASA statement stated, "Analyzing a sample from Bennu will help planetary scientists understand the role that asteroids can play in providing vital connections.

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Space Telescope it is a carbonaceous or carbon-rich asteroid. Carbon is the joint on which organic molecules hang.

"Bennu is likely rich in organic molecules consisting of carbon chains linked to oxygen atoms, hydrogen atoms, and other elements in a chemical recipe that makes all known living things.

" Besides carbon, Bennu may have another vital one Component: Water trapped in the asteroid minerals. "

The spacecraft took close-up photographs with its NavCam 1 navigation camera, which it normally uses to track the path of Bennu's orbit.

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