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NASA finds "butterfly" in space

Simultaneously with the arrival of spring and insects buzzing, flying and crawling everywhere, NASA has finally found a butterfly I think, space.

Much to the horror of entomologists everywhere, it is not a novel butterfly, but a pair of massive gas clouds, 1

,400 light-years from the sun. Known as Westerhout 40 (W40), the formation is a fog or "a huge cloud of gas and dust in space where new stars can form," according to a blog post by NASA JPL.

"W40 is not just beautiful, it's also an example of how the formation of stars destroys exactly those clouds that contributed to the formation of these clouds," the space agency added. "In huge clouds of gas and dust in the Outer space gravity pulls the material into dense lumps these lumps reach a critical density that allows the stars to form at their cores. "


NASA: The color is largely responsible for the accumulation of stars in the center as well as for the star substance.

Next to W40 there are a number of stars in the upper right The area to be seen is part of the picture, known as Serpens South, the younger of the two nebulas, Serpens South, still has its stars embedded in the clouds, but will eventually "break out." and bubbles like those from W40. "

CLICK HERE TO OBTAIN THE FOX NEWS APP [NASA] said that the breathtaking image comes from its Spitzer Space Telescope and four individual ones Photos taken with the infrared camera of the Space Telescope.

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