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NASA has proposed a mission to the Moon Triton of Neptune and we are so excited

We've learned a lot about Neptune's biggest moon, the Triton, since it was first discovered in 1846. Some scientists believe that it could be a "world of the ocean" with liquid water – and possibly even life.

And now, subject to approval, we might soon get our best view. NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory suggested on Tuesday at a conference in Texas to send a space probe called "Trident" to Triton – with the goal of finding out if it is a habitable world.

Rather than spending billions of dollars, the proposed spacecraft Trident aims to keep costs low – roughly the "price of a small mission to the moon" in the New York Times "" [1

9659003] "The time is now favorable." said Louise Prockter at the Lunar and Planetary Science Conference in Texas on Tuesday, director of the Lunar and Planetary Institute in Houston and senior investigator of the proposed mission.

"And we will investigate if it is a livable world that is vastly significant."

Along with a Triton flyby, Trident also visited Jupiter's moon Io and stopped at Venus – it's been almost twenty years Since the NASA probe Cassini-Huygens visited the second planet from the sun.

The last good look we've come away Neptune was in 1989 during a flyby of NASA's Voyager 2 – the first time a spaceship had ever done so.

"We compare it to the meeting of Voyager in 1989, which was based on technology of the early 70s, essentially a television camera that was connected to a camera fax machine," said Karl Mitchell, the project scientist of the proposed mission as quoted by the Times.

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