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NASA is calling on people to go outside since Mars will not be so close for 269 years

NASA urges people to go outside and look up at the sky, Tuesday night, July 31st, since Mars will not be so close to our planet for the next 269 years, which is 2287 for that count ,

The Red Planet will come within 35.8 million miles of Earth, which may not look like a "close access", but it will be the next approach since the 2003 mark of 34.6 million miles. The closest approach from 2003 was the closest Mars to Earth in about 60,000 years, according to the US Space Agency.

For those who wanted to look out of the historic "close approach", NASA says to get out at night or early in the morning and look for the lighter orange or red haze in the sky. The naked eye or a telescope should work well, and for those who are under clouds, the Space Agency has provided a live stream from the Griffith Observatory at this connection or below.

While Mars approached early in the morning and early morning hours from Monday through Tuesday, NASA tweeted "to get outside" as the opportunity fell.

The red planet rises in the southeastern sky and should become visible when it gets dark enough about 90 minutes after sunset and 90 minutes before sunrise.

On Mars, the space agency notes the global dust storm that has nearly encapsulated the entire planet. The Hubble Space Telescope took a picture of the Red Planet earlier this month when it was about 36.9 million miles from Earth when it approached its July 27 opposition.

"In the summer of 2018, the planets Mars and Saturn will be in opposition to Earth one after the other," the Hubble team reported in a press release. "During this event, the planets are relatively close to Earth, allowing astronomers to observe them more closely.

" Hubble used this preferred configuration and represented both planets to continue his long-term observation of the outer planets in the solar system. "

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