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NASA is slipping into the plan to solve the mole mystery of Mars InSight


The mole is on Mars.

NASA / JPL-Caltech

NASA's Mars InSight Lander was a star on the Red Planet. In November, it landed and landed in charming landscapes ever since, deploying a seismometer and triggering a drilling heat probe known as the "Mole". Everything went well until the mole was below the surface in February .

NASA and the German Aerospace Center (DLR), whose engineers developed the Heat Probe (also known as the Heat and Physical Properties Package) (or HP3), devised a first plan to help solve the puzzle to solve why the mole does not move.

NASA and DLR released updates on the project on Thursday. A big question is whether the mole hit a single stone or hit a gravel layer. There are also concerns that the probe itself or its cable could be hung on something inside the enclosure that is supposed to protect it.

The mole hammers into the ground to measure the heat from within Mars. The InSight team now plans to perform a hammer test for up to 1

5 minutes this month. The lander's seismometer will listen to the mole and hopefully find clues to what has stopped its progress.

InSight also trains his camera on the mole's aboveground support structure to search for movement. The mole is designed to ditch down to 5 meters, but only a few inches before stopping.

If the InSight team can solve the mystery of what lies beneath the surface of Mars, this is the case can revive the Mole's mission to explore the hidden inner life of the Red Planet.

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