After the first attempt was scrubbed, viewers had the opportunity to see a successful start.
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We have take off [19659009] Mission ASPIRE started at 12:19 pm from the Walls Flight Facility on Saturday, following a tweet from the official Wallops Twitter feed.

The mission successfully completed a parachute test that could someday be used on Mars, NASA said.

The launch was originally scheduled for March 27th. However, according to Wallops' Twitter feed, which provided no explanation, the delay was delayed until Saturday.

The parachute test was aboard a 58-foot suborbital exploration rocket Terrier-Black Brant IX.

The payload – NASA's NASA press release had expected it to feature a cylindrical structure carrying the parachute test parachute, the parachute deployment mechanism, and high-resolution instruments including cameras for recording data about two minutes after launch should reach an altitude of 32 miles

It was then expected to fall 40 miles from Wallops Island in the Atlantic Ocean. NASA wants to recover it and return it to Wallops for data retrieval.

The parachute under test is expected to slow the spacecraft for the Mars rover mission as it enters the Martian atmosphere at more than 12,000 miles per hour.

A previous test of the ASPIRE experiment was successfully launched in October from Wallops.

The Mars 2020 rover mission will see signs of past habitable conditions on the planet and signs of bygone life according to a NASA mission summary

The rover will also gather samples of rocks and soils on Mars, which could be returned to Earth for investigation in a future mission.

The mission is also to demonstrate technologies that address some of the challenges of the future of human expeditions to Mars – including testing a method of producing oxygen from the planet's thin atmosphere, which is 96 percent carbon dioxide.

The Mars mission is to start from Cape Cana Veral in Florida in July 2020.

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