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NASA selects Huntsville for a lunar landing study

A Huntsville-based company is one of eleven companies selected by NASA to conduct studies and prototypes of the human-known Moon landing known as Artemis.

Dynetics Inc., headquartered at Cummings Research Park, was commissioned by NASA for a descent study and five prototype descent elements, the space agency said Thursday.

"To accelerate our return to the moon, we challenge our traditional business practices," said Marshall Smith, director of "We'll streamline everything from sourcing, to partnerships, hardware development and even operations." Our team looks forward to it "Returning to the moon as fast as possible, and our public-private partnerships to investigate human land systems are an important step in this process."

Dynetics was founded in 1

974 and is represented in nine other states, with a Thursday announcement after Dynetics won a $ 130 million high-energy laser development order.

Six other companies selected for trials and prototypes also have sites in Huntsville: Aerojet Rocketdyne, Blue Origin, Boeing Lockheed Martin, Northrup Grumman Innovation Systems and Sierra Nevada Corporation.

NEXT Space Technologies for Exploration Partnerships contracts will allow selected companies to investigate and / or develop prototypes over the next six months that reduce the scheduling risk for descent and transfer. NASA announced in the announcement that the award for all companies totaled $ 45.5 million. Since NextSTEP is a public-private partnership program, companies must pay at least 20 percent of the total project cost.

The Company Receiving the Contracts:

  • Aerojet Rocketdyne – Canoga Park, California: A Transfer Vehicle Study
  • Blue Origin – Kent, Washington: A Descent Element Study, a Transfer Vehicle Study, and a Transfer Vehicle Prototype [19659009] Boeing – Houston: A descent element study, two descent prototypes, a transfer vehicle study, a transfer vehicle prototype, a refueling element study, and a refueling prototype
  • Dynetics – Huntsville, Alabama: A Descent Element Study and Five Descent Element Prototypes
  • Lockheed Martin – Littleton, Colorado: A Descent Study, Four Descent Protoype Models, One Transfer Vehicle Study, and One Refueling Study
  • Masten Space Systems – Mojave, California: A Descent Element Prototype
  • Northrop Grumman Innovation Systems – Dulles , Virginia: A Descent Element Study, Four Descent Element Prototypes, Refueling Element Study, and Refueling Prototype
  • OrbitBeyond – Edison, NJ: Two Prototype Fueling Elements
  • Sierra Nevada Corporation Louisville, Colorado, and Madison, Wisconsin: A study of descent, a prototype with descent elements, a study of transfer vehicles, a prototype with transfer vehicles, and a refueling study
  • SpaceX – Hawthorne, California: A Study Using Descendants
  • SSL – Palo Alto, California: A Fueling Study and a Fueling Prototype

"We're Taking Important Steps As soon as possible to begin development, including calling a NextSTEP option that our partners use to work while we are still negotiating managers in the Marshall Space Flight Center of the NASA in Huntsville. "We are keen to gather early industrial feedback on our requirements for the human land system, and the undefined contract action will help us with that."

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