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NASA Telescopes and Oscar Awards have the same golden coating

While The Shape of Water won the best picture at the recent Academy Awards, or other great science-fiction movies like [BladeRunner2049 you win visual effects / cinematography You probably do not have thought NASA's huge space telescopes.

But somehow you looked at them. In fact, the golden coating of each Oscar statue is the same kind of coating that will be applied to the upcoming James Webb Space Telescope that will soon go into space despite delays that break the start of the June 2019 deadline. The telescope, the gold is useful because it can reflect infrared wavelengths that are necessary to celestial objects such as To recognize stars and nebulae from long, cosmic distances. In addition, gold can absorb energy from radiant heat, which is why it was struck on a 9.75 meter long cooling tube on the telescope.

The most common way to apply gold is a process called vapor deposition. There, the gold is heated until it becomes a gas and condenses over the surface of the object. But this is not reliable and prone to peeling and cracking ̵

1; NASA eventually went to a company called Epner Technology, which uses a more advanced gold plating technique called LaserGold, which uses electricity instead of heat.

NASA has been using this process for at least three decades. Since 2016, Epner has offered the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences their LaserGold technique for their Oscar statuettes. The gold on older Oscars tends to rip off over the years, but newer ones should take much longer.

Thus, the Academy just missed a chance to give Alfonso Cuarón a space gold- he has won the 2013 Academy Award for Directorial Gravity and the Visual Effects team of Interstellar also gambled away in 2014 when they won.

But if ever a space theme films win Oscars in the future, the filmmakers will know that the statuette in their hands has much in common with NASA's telescopes in outer space.

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