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NASA water scientist joins the U of S as the Canada 150 research chair

Jay Famiglietti, a water scientist at NASA's Caltech laboratory in Pasadena, joins the U of S as the Canada 1

50 Research Chair of Hydrology and Remote Sensing.

Courtesy of the University of Saskatchewan

/ Saskatoon

The University of Saskatchewan has appointed a NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory as a water explorer to the Research Laboratory of Hydrology and Remote Sensing in Canada.

Jay Famiglietti working in NASA's laboratory The California Institute of Technology is one of 12 employees nominated for a research position in Ottawa's research center on Thursday. The program celebrating the 150th anniversary of the Canadian Confederation brings top international researchers to Canada

The U of S has been honored for Famiglietti's seven-year professorship. He will also become Managing Director of the U of S Global Institute for Water Safety from 1 July.

He will also hold a joint teaching assignment between the U of S Graduate School of Environment and Sustainability and the Department of Geography and Geoinformatics

"With a warmer climate, changing extreme floods and droughts, and increased demands on food production Freshwater resources are exposed to unprecedented pressures on the world, "Famiglietti said in a statement.

"Without technological advances and new approaches to water management, I see a future in which we are challenged to produce the food we need for this growing world population, and I am very pleased to welcome the outstanding team of the U of S

Karen Chad, vice president of the US, said in a statement that Famiglietti would use satellite measurements and develop next-generation computer models and other new ways to monitor how the availability of freshwater is changing worldwide.

"This work will have important implications in a time of unprecedented climate change, food and energy security, water policy and transboundary water issues," she said in the statement.

A graduate of Princeton University, Famiglietti has also published publications in Science and Nature.

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