Lacory Lytle and Demontrey Logsdon were detained by the MNPD in connection with a series of shootings in East Nashville.
Ayrika L Whitney, the Tennessean

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Two Men Seized in a Series of Homicides, Robberies, and Attempted Interrogations This month's riots in the capital of Tennessee were in custody on Monday night, police said.

Since August 8, three people have died in the Inglewood, Madison and East neighborhoods of Nashville and at least two have been injured Nashville, north of downtown and the Cumberland River. The shootings included suspects of similar descriptions: two men, one of whom was spotted with dreadlocks, in a small, dark-colored Chevrolet sedan, the authorities said.

Demontrey Logsdon, 20, from Nashville was in a home in the North Nashville neighborhood, according to a press release from the department. He was convicted of robbery in November and received a five-year suspended sentence.

Lacory Lytle, 24, who was convicted of serious crimes in May, received a five-year suspended sentence and became self-employed a few hours later. Both men were identified for interrogation on the basis of surveillance images, recovered physical evidence and observations by officers, but were not charged, the authorities said

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Officers had reinforced patrols over the weekend on their search for "cold-blooded murderers" who "have no respect for the sanctity of human life," said police spokesman Don Aaron earlier.…ew&id=6 # 1991 In one case, victims or witnesses reported that the men robbed them of the shifts. Everything happened in the early morning. English:…80&Itemid=58.

Kendall Rice, 31, of Nashville was killed .14, 2018, when he went to the bus stop to go to work. (Photo: Metropolitan Nashville (Tenn.) Police Department)

"I do not want justice as much as I want people to be safe," said Ryan Noble, 30, who met two friends Wednesday The Cobra Bar in East Nashville, two days before Jamie Sarrantonio, 30, and Bartley Teal, 33, were killed in an attempted robbery at 3:30 on Friday in the same bar parking lot.

Last call in Tennessee bars is 3am.

Noble believes his case is related to the deaths, and the police confirm that his description of the two suspects matches the description of the men who shot Sarrantonio and Teal.

August 8 The first victim was a 39-year-old woman who walked her dogs around 12:30 pm CDT near her home in the Inglewood neighborhood. She was shot in the lower back and is now paralyzed; she managed to call 911 after she was hit.

She saw a dark limousine ride with her and then back again.

"Words were exchanged" in which she told the men to leave, and then they shot her, police spokeswoman Kris Mumford said

Her name was not published. And because she is a crime victim whose assailants are still at large, her husband, who spoke on Sunday with The Tennessean also wanted to go undetected.

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She prepares for rehabilitation, hopes she one day he will go again, he said. She had decided to take a walk with her dogs in her pajamas after having enjoyed a night of pizza and a movie at home while her husband was in Los Angeles as a crew member for the tour of pop rock band OneRepublic

Probably her life saved the strength she needed to call 911 on her cell phone and a nearby fire station that was likely to be able to reach her quickly, he said. He had to stop working and moved to the hospital to help his wife.

Jamie Sarrantonio, 30, of Nashville, Tennessee killed on 17 August 2018 in the parking lot of a bar after celebrating the 33rd birthday of a friend. (Photo: Metropolitan Nashville (Tenn.) Police Department)

On Tuesday, Kendall Rice, 31, was shot dead when he went to the bus at 5am in Madison, 7 miles north of Inglewood to go to work. He died at the scene and the police said his personal belongings were missing.

Fifteen minutes later another man was shot dead and seriously injured in a suspected robbery attempt nearby. His name was not published.

Earlier this morning, the Goodlettsville Police Department began investigating an attempted robbery after a victim reported two men with a gun attempting to rob him at 4:45. The victim was able to drive away

Police are investigating whether the other two crimes are related to Rice's murder.

On Friday Sarrantonio and Teal were shot dead after Teal's 33rd birthday.

The couple had gone to the bar and went to a nearby supermarket to get snacks. When they returned to the parking lot, two men arrived in a dark sedan and got out of a car to rob them, police said.

The couple's belongings were later found in another quarter, North Nashville

Nashvillians gathered for the victims:

Contribution: Natalie Neysa Alund and Holly Meyer, The Tennessean. Follow Natalie Allison, Jordyn Pair and Sandy Mazza on Twitter: @natalie_allison @JordynPair and @SandyMazza


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