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Native American activist Nathan Phillip's past involves assault charges, escape from prison: report

Native American activist Nathan Phillips, whose confrontation with students at Covington Catholic High School has become viral, has criminal records, including assaults and escape from prison, according to a report.

Philips has become the focal point of the collision The Kentucky students initially claimed that the students had blocked his departure and mocked him with abusive and racist chants.

New additional material that surfaced over the weekend has debunked its version of the event, showing that he is approaching the student rather than the student mocking him. Later, he claimed he had tried to defuse a clash between the students and a group of black street preachers who denounced both Native Americans and white children with racial insults.


At the beginning of the controversy, Phillips avoided an in-depth examination. However, according to the Washington Examiner, Phillip's past is arrest and prosecution for escaping from jail and committing multiple alcohol-related crimes.

In 1974, Phillips pleaded guilty to charges and was sentenced to $ 200. In later years he was subjected to numerous other charges and arrests. He was also sentenced to one year probation, which was due to charges of alcoholism, according to a report.


record was also questioned. The Marine Corps confirmed to Fox News on Wednesday that Phillips was never served in the Vietnam War and was not deployed overseas.

Phillips, then known as Nathaniel R. Stanard, served four years in the Marine Corps Reserve, before leaving in 1976 with the rank of private. During his time at the Marine Reserve, he was a refrigerator technician and antitank tank.

This seems to contradict his comments on Vogue, where he said, "You know, I'm from Vietnam. I call her a scout. That was my role.

Many outlets, including the Washington Post and the Detroit Free Press, have issued corrections to their articles that mistakenly identified Phillips as a veteran of the Vietnam War, stating that Phillips had no use in the war. [19659005] CLICK HERE TO OBTAIN THE FOX NEWS APP

. Since the controversy, Phillips has offered to visit the Covington School and engage in a dialogue about cultural understanding.

The Catholic student from Sandington, Covington, was seen in The viral video with Phillips told the NBC broadcast "Today" on Wednesday that he also wants to speak with Phillips.

Samuel Chamberlain of Fox News contributed to this report.

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