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NBA Bubble Intel – Restart the schedule, leaderboard and latest news from Orlando

The NBA is approaching the restart of the 2019-20 season on July 30 at the ESPN Wide World of Sports complex at the Walt Disney World Resort. All 22 teams arrived in Orlando, Florida and started training camp prior to the seeding games to determine final placement, a potential playoff play-in series, and the standard four-round postseason. The teams continued to run regular corona virus tests after completing the initial quarantine period, although some players have not yet arrived.

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Each team will play eight seeding games to determine the playoff matchups and initiate a possible play-in series for seed # 8 in each conference.

If seed # 9 ends within four games after seed # 8, there will be a play-in tournament in which seed # 9 would have to beat seed # 8 twice to earn the playoff spot , during the The number 8 would need a win from the two possible games. Given the odd number of games played, the NBA will use the winning percentage as the first tiebreaker.

Here is the ranking for the restart:

Eastern Conference
1. Milwaukee Bucks | 53-12
2nd Toronto Raptors | 46-18
3rd Boston Celtics | 43-21
4th Miami Heat | 41-24
5. Indiana Pacers | 39-26
6. Philadelphia 76ers | 39-26
7. Brooklyn Nets | 30-34
8th. Orlando Magic | 30-35
9. Washington Wizards | 24-40

Eastern Conference
1. Los Angeles Lakers | 49-14
2nd LA Clippers | 44-20
3rd Denver Nuggets | 43-22
4th Utah Jazz | 41-23
5. Oklahoma City Thunder | 40-24
6. Houston Rockets | 40-24
7. Dallas Mavericks | 40-27
8th. Memphis Grizzlies | 32-33
9. Portland Trail Blazer | 29-37
10th New Orleans Pelicans | 28-36
11. Sacramento Kings | 28-36
12th San Antonio Spurs | 27-36
13. Phoenix Suns | 26-39

Initially, the Wizards will be 5.5 games behind the magic, giving Washington a chance to make up the 1.5 game difference and force a play-in for number 8 in the East. A play-in is likely in the west, as the grizzlies are 3.5 games ahead of multiple rivals.

You can find more information about each team in the latest issue of ESPN’s NBA Power Rankings, with a big question for the 22 franchises involved in the restart.

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