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NBA Playoffs 2018: Warriors Eliminate Spurs; Sixers progress; Celtics up 3-2 on Bucks

LaMarcus Aldridge pulled the Spurs within two points at the last minute before Golden State finally eliminated the Golden State in Game 5. (1

9659002) The first round of the NBA Playoffs continues today with three Game 5s including two possible elimination games. Follow here for the latest analysis and commentary from NBA reporter Tim Bontemps of The Post and ask him questions in the comments. Find out about yesterday's games here.

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• Gregg Popovich missed another play-off game for the Spurs and at the same time mourned the recent death of his broad Erin.

• The Sixers defeated Heat in the second half and Philadelphia moved into the playoffs for the first time in six years.

• Celtics took 3-2 series lead over Bucks after a no-call on a shot-clock injury that could not be verified.

Meek Mills Call the Ceremonial Bell Game 5 of Sixers-Heat, Hours After Release from Prison

Remember this line about which is a total collapse in the fourth quarter prevented?

Well, about that … [19659012] The Golden State Warriors made it far, much more interesting than they would have liked. But in the end, they managed to survive a late comeback of the San Antonio Spurs to win by a 99-91 win – and the right to advance into the second round of the NBA playoffs, where they face the New Orleans Pelicans.

The Warriors saw their lead reduced to two points as LaMarcus Aldridge made two free throws within the last minute to beat a brilliant 30-point, 12-rebound night. Kevin Durant came back and buried a knight from the top of the key to extend Golden State's lead to four and ensure that the warriors from that game – and the series – emerged victorious.

Now the focus will shift to how the warriors hit the pelicans – and whether Manu Ginobili and Kawhi Leonard will be back in San Antonio next season – but for two very different reasons.

The Golden State Warriors

The Warriors are now some distance from the San Antonio Spurs and are now leading after three goals with 79-65, defending their opponents defensively in the same manner as in the opening three Games of this series – and failed in Game 4, which is why the game happens tonight in the first place.

San Antonio spins only 33 percent off the ground overall and 6-for-25 of the three-point bid. If Golden State itself had an average shooting game from the three-point range – the Warriors would be 5 to 21 of 3 – this game would already be over.

That is, it's essentially.

The Golden State Warriors play better than in Game 4 – but not good enough to put the San Antonio Spurs in Game 5 down.

At the beginning of the second half, the Warriors have a nine-point lead as they were able to limit San Antonio to 30.6 percent from the ground.

The reason why the Warriors could not take the game away is that they do not do much themselves – including going 4-for-17 out of 3-point space. Noteworthy, three of those who were made three-pointers are from the team's two most suspected main shooters: Draymond Green and Andre Iguodala. So far, both men are a combination of 3 for 8 from the field – a percentage that Golden State will happily take for the rest of the playoffs, if it can get it.

With the Miami Heat, now officially eliminated by the playoffs, one of the big questions surrounding the heat course in the summer is the status of future Hall of Famer Dwyane Wade.

Wade spent the first 13 years of his career in Miami before spending last season in Chicago and the first half this year in Cleveland – just to switch back to South Florida on the cut-off date instead of being released.

He has developed a beautiful role in Miami from which his playing is well suited for the next few seasons. But will he? Or will he rather retire?

Wade did not say Tuesday night.

"There will be no news in Philadelphia," joked Wade after losing the Sixers in Game 5 of their first round series.

"You can lose effort, you can lose to a better team, and they are, we had some moments that we would like to have back, and they ended up with more than us."

If it's Heatcoach Wade would not go anywhere in the near future.

"I've coached him in this role now, which I'm not doing I think none of us ever thought Dwyane Wade would come from the bank," Spoelstra said. "But he has treated all these roles with incredible class and dignity."

"He could play that role forever. I do not know if he will decide it, but it speaks again to his character and his humility, you know that he would be willing to take on such a role. He knew what the business was. We were already busy with our rotation, that was one of the first things he said: "I do not want to disturb anything, I will come from the bank, I will play with the second unit, and we will do it, do not worry around me. "And that's great.

"There are probably not many Hall of Fame players at his age … who would be willing to do that?"

Now the heat will wait and see if Wade will do so again next season. He clearly will not play anywhere else. The question is, will he play at all?

The Golden State Warriors were disappointed that they allowed themselves to return to Oakland and play Game 5 of that series against the San Antonio Spurs by leaving Game 4

At the start of Game 5 they did not see much better.

Although Spurs fights the field early (9 for 27 to start the game), they manage to hang thanks to the four shots they made from three points.

Golden State, on the other hand, is only 2-by-9 from deep, though in fast breakpoints it has a 6-0 edge and a 16-10 edge in dots in color.

Gregg Popovich is missing again in a playoff game from the bank for the San Antonio Spurs.

Ettore Messina, Popovich's senior assistant and one of the most decorated coaches in European basketball history, led the team for a third consecutive game Tuesday night as the Spurs attempted to ex-the first round with the Golden State Warriors Sixth Game

The last time Popovich appeared in public with the team was in San Antonio after training last Wednesday. It was later that day that the team announced his wife, Erin, who had died after a long struggle with an unknown illness.

Popovich did not coach Game 3 nor Game 4 in San Antonio, and the team announced Monday that he would not play Spurs in Oakland for Game 5 on Tuesday night.

There was not a word Nevertheless, if Popovich would be available, if the Spurs could force Game 6 on Thursday night in San Antonio again.

Asked about his recent conversations with Popovich before the match, Messina said, "There are more important things than screens and transitional defense."

Then he paused.

"Although transitional defense is very, very important," he added.

It was a small moment of lightness in a week that coincided with everything except Popovich and the team with which he has been with for more than two decades 59048] The Philadelphia 76ers owned the second half of each game of their first round series the Miami Heat. That's why they've entered the second round for the first time in six years.

Philadelphia emerged Tuesday night at the Wells Fargo Center with a 104-91 win over Miami – a game that became known nationwide for rapper Meek Mill's first public release after being released bail after five months in prison earlier during the day.

But it also ended after a well-known chorus for Philadelphia in this series: fighting to get out of Miami in the first half to tear down, then demolish the heat in the second.

The two teams were tied by 46 at halftime Tuesday, only for the Sixers to pull out after halftime. In the five games of the series Philadelphia Miami surpassed in the second half with 78 points.

In the first half? Miami outperformed Philadelphia by 24 points

However, it was an apt result as Philadelphia are by far the most superior team. The Heat stayed in the series thanks to the experience and experience of the series – not to mention the coaching skills of Erik Spoelstra, one of the league's best tacticians.

But the young Sixers responded bravely to any challenge path and look like a potential final contender – though this is the first time that the team has seen the playoffs since 2012 and the careers of celebrities Joel Embiid and the playoffs Ben Simmons, along with the valuable role-players Dario Saric and Robert Covington.

The Boston Celtics went in the Best of Seven series with a 3-2 draw against the Milwaukee Bucks thanks to a 93-87 victory on Tuesday night, but the main meeting after that was a missed firearms injury went to the Celtics 1:16 away.

With the Celtics leading the 84-79, Horford caught the ball on the wing while the Shooting Clock turned off and held up a three-pointer. He fell off the edge and landed in the hands of Celtics striker Semi Ojeleye, who rebounded the offensive rebound and was fouled.

There was only one problem: The game could not be verified. Why? Because going back and checking if the firing clock has expired when it's not called is not one of the things that trigger a re-check.

So, while Boston scored no points, it caused another 27 seconds to run out of time – 27 seconds the Bucks could have used as they tried to take the lead at the last minute.

Ironically, it would have been better for Milwaukee if Horford's shot had come in. The Bucks would have got the ball back and his shot would have been looked at later, and the points would have been taken off the board.

But because Horford's shot was missing, there was no way to look at it. It's similar to how the league handles goalie calls. When a goalkeeper is called, the referees can go and check it to see if it was or not. If goalkeeper is not called, you can not look at them.

The same is true of gunshot injuries as the Bucks found the hard way on Tuesday night.

The Philadelphia 76ers did not get the boost Meek Mills return and hopes for a place at the edge of the field.

The Sixers and Miami Heat are tied at 46 at half-time in Game 5, as Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons have not received much help from their team-mates. Embiid (11 points) and Simmons (10) are the only two-digit players for Philadelphia who scored 12-12 for 12.

Miami has meanwhile gone from six to five, scoring just 38 percent overall, and has committed seven sales that have become 14 Sixers points. With this math, the heat should be lucky that it is even a draw.

The Milwaukee Bucks managed to hang around while Game 5 developed further. And as the game evolved into the fourth quarter, the bucks dropped back to 72-68.

The final wave – for the second time in the second half, Milwaukee has brought the Boston Celtics so close – was led by Jabari Parker, who has been in the Bucks' last two trips and has a lay-up and a dunk. On a night when Milwaukee simply can not buy a basket, it would be huge for the Bucks to grab another rating alongside Gianni's Antetokounmpo and Khris Middleton.

Meek Mill, only hours after release from prison on bail rang before the start of Game 5 of the Philadelphia 76ers playoff series against the Miami Heat.

Mill, a prominent rapper and native of Philadelphia, came to play with minority owner Michael Rubin and comedian Kevin Hart, and spent time with the team in the locker room before the game.

He also traded a salute to Star Center Joel Embiid in front of top of his court seat – where Mill wears an Embiid jersey.

With the Milwaukee Bucks staring at a 16-point deficit late in the first half it looked like Game 5 of their series could be over by the half-time break with the Boston Celtics.

However, that was before a late 7 -2 buck run over the last 90 seconds half to get Milwaukee within 11 in half.

Predictably, the Celtics shot better at home, but the bigger problem in this game is that Milwaukee can not do anything. The Bucks shoot 34.9 percent (15 for 43) at halftime, and 3 for 14 (21.4 percent) from the three-point range.

Outside of Giannis Antetokounmpo and Khris Middleton, Milwaukee shoots 6 for 28 in total and 2 for 13 in the three-point range. Simply put, that needs to change in the second half, so the bucks have a chance to win this game.

The Boston Celtics hit a few shots in the first quarter of Game 5. The Milwaukee Bucks beat even less.

In a hitherto ugly series, these first 12 minutes may have dropped to a new low. The Bucks went a bleak 6 for 22 from the field, including 1 for 7 of three. The Celtics went 9 for 21 and 2 for 8. Both teams committed five sales.

The Celtics, it ended 23-15 and must feel good where things stand. Roleplayers are playing better and better at home and with so many role players in both teams, the Boston (as in games 1 and 2) must benefit.

Marcus Smart is the emotional heartbeat of the Boston Celtics and is just the type of player the working-class city can love.

So it should not surprise anyone that Smart Standing got ovations when he checked in at the 4:08 mark of the game (19659080) That said: How much influence will Smart actually have in this series?

Yes, he has strengths that can help a team in the playoffs – especially his ability to defensively switch as a guardian because of his size and strength, and he can serve the pick-and-roll with some skill.

But Smart & # 39; s strengths are not in the score – with which Boston has so far battled in the effort this series. If his return means fewer minutes for the combination of Aron Baynes and Semi Ojeleye, that's one thing. But if it means fewer minutes for Terry Rozier, Jaylen Brown or Jayson Tatum? That might not work so well for a Boston team that needs every potential scoring avenue.

Rapper Meek Mill arrived at the Wells Fargo Center and was sent to the Sixers locker room audition.

Meek Mill was released from jail on Tuesday on bail after five months. Sixer's minority owner Michael Rubin picked up the rapper in Chester, Pennsylvania and it seems he's flown to Philadelphia by helicopter.

Last season saw the Chicago Bulls go 2-0 up and Boston Celtics coach Brad Stevens Gerald Green was in the starting lineup for Game 3. The (plus Rajon Rondo's injured thumb) became the catalyst for Boston, winning the next four Games of the series and finally reached the Eastern Conference Finals.

This year with Boston After a 2-2 [2] [2] [2] [2]

rookie striker Semi Ojeleye came into the starting lineup and replaced the Australian center Aron Baynes with the hope of providing more distance and improved defensive use for the Celtics. And in the first few minutes, Ojeleye managed to kick a threesome out of the corner (though he missed another).

In a series of tweets Tuesday afternoon, rapper Meek Mill confirmed that he was released on bail from a state reformatory in Chester, Pennsylvania, five months after being detained for probation.

Mill, whose first name is Robert Williams, was visited Tuesday by comedian Kevin Hart and Sixers minority owner Michael Rubin. A short time later, Rubin posted a picture of herself on Instagram, Mill and Hart at a Sixers game, and said he would go back to jail to pick up the rapper.

Mills case was represented by players in the NBA – including Sixers rookies Ben Simmons and Markelle Fultz, who reportedly also visited him in prison.

Before each home game, Philadelphia has someone to serve as the team's ceremonial glockenspiel player and a replica of the Liberty Bell beats shortly before the tip-off to liberate the crowd at the Wells Fargo Center.

The bell for Game 1 was Joel Embiid, who was injured at the time. For game 2 it was hard.

If he's there in time, could Mill do it for Game 5? According to the New York Times, yes.

Just the idea that the rapper stands on the side of the place on Tuesday night – which, if winning the Sixers, means they first in six years advance into the second round, where they will also meet on both the Milwaukee Bucks or Boston Celtics, swept across the internet.

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