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NBA Playoffs 2019: James Harden of Rockets complains about wanting to take on Warriors after losing Game 1

The Houston Rockets suffered a familiar defeat on Sunday afternoon when they lost just a bit against the mighty Golden State Warriors and lost 104-100 in Game 1 as the Warriors took the lead 1-0.

After the last buzzer sounded, a frustrated James Harden indulged at the after-game press conference by complaining about the acting service. In particular, Harden was annoyed with the warriors who had invaded his landing site after firing shots.

"I just want a fair chance," Harden said. "We all know what happened to Kawhi a few years ago, call the game what it's supposed to be called, and we'll live with the results."

Harden referred to the infamous moment of The Western Conference 201

7 Final, when Zaza Pachulia undercut Kawhi Leonard, giving him an ankle injury that kept him out for the remainder of the series. This moment has not only challenged the series for the benefit of the Warriors, but has opened a broader discussion on the protection of ski jumpers.

Especially this season, the league put a lot of emphasis on insulting the defenders if they did not give a shooter any landing space. As we have seen over and over again, it can be a dangerous game and therefore fouls are called even if the shot has no contact. In Game 1 of this series, the Rockets believed that the Refs let a number of these games go.

The first half saw several times when Klay Thompson injured Harden's landing area but was not called for a foul. It was such a topic that the TV show even addressed it.

Towards the end of the third quarter there was another play in which Chris Paul actually made a wild, knocking 3 but did not get the call and then complained of ref and got a technical. Moments later, head coach Mike D & # 39; Antoni got a "T".

In the fading seconds when the Warriors clung to a three-point lead, Harden thought he had been fouled by Draymond Green.

There has been and will be much discussion about the last game, as a foul would have given Harden the chance to go to the line and crack the game. On this point, however, it is pretty clear that Harden is jumping forward, which makes it very difficult for the referee. How far does the area around the shooter's feet extend? It is not clear and is often left to the ruling of the referee.

But after a series of missed calls to similar games throughout the game – D & # 39; Antoni told the press the press that the referees missed four such calls in the first half alone – it is easy to see why Harden and the missiles were upset.

Draymond Green did not have it. After being informed of Harden's comments, a dismissive Green joked : "James was fouled before a James 3 pointer."

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