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NBA Playoffs: Wizards-Raptors Game 6 live updates, TV plan, analysis

* violation update pt. II: VAN VLEET IS BAAAAAAACK! Toronto goalkeeper Fred Van Vleet has suffered a shoulder injury in this series, but coach Dwane Casey said he will be available tonight. Van Vleet was also available in Game 2, but played less than three minutes and really had no chance to do anything.

* The Toronto … Ducks ?: The Toronto coach, Dwane Casey, was asked how he was at the beginning of his preparatory press conference in the Capital One Arena. He was delightfully descriptive.

"It's probably like a duck, do you know how a duck is on a pond? You look at a duck, and above it all is quiet, and underneath it paddles hellishly," said Casey. "I suppose I feel like this because there is no easy close-out game. It's never easy every round to get into the championship. No matter what you prefer, who you play against, no matter. To finish a series, to win a series is one of the most difficult tasks in sports … there is nobody, I think, who is calm and relaxed.

* Injury Update: According to news from Otto Porter Jr., Game 6 will miss after undergoing a minor operation Washington Coordinator Scott Brooks told Kelly Oubre Jr. in his preparatory press conference Brooks brought at least some positive news on the news and said that Oubre v. DeMar DeRozan would be a great opportunity for the young defender.

Game 6 Overview

Toronto Raptors (No. 1 seed, 59-23, 1st in Atlantic Division) at Washington Wizards (No. 8 seeds, 43-39, 2nd in Southeast Division)
Date and Time: Friday, TBD
Channel: NBCSW and NBA TV
Location: Capital One Arena
Regular Season Series: Wizards 2 , Raptors 2

Here you will find the full series leader.

Previous Serial Results (Raptors 3, Wizards 2)

Game 1: at Raptors 114, Wizards 106
Game 2: at Raptors 130, Wizards 119
Game 3: at Wizards 122, Raptors 103
Game 4: at Wizards 106, Raptors 98
Game 5 : at Raptors 108, Wizards 98

Remaining Schedule

Game 7 (if necessary): Sunday in Toronto, Time and Television TBD

Pregame Reading

>> If the Wizards are tw They will only be the sixth No. 8 seeds in NBA history to beat a seed # 1 and advance to the second round. Only another number 8 star – the 1994 Denver Nuggets – did the trick after losing the first two games of the series. No team has made it to Best-of-Seven since the first round. The wizards would be the first .

>> The silent hero of the wizards? Marcin Gortat . In four games Gortat leads all players in the postseason by averaging 6.8 screen assists per game the statistic of how often his blockade at the offensive end generates points for teammates.

>> Bradley Beal's sixth foul in Game 4 felt like a call that would be the end of the sorcerer's season. Except, amazingly, it was not. The team that has not been able to consistently inspire this season and constantly think about why it can not be a normal, stable playoff team has done something unexpected in the last five minutes without Beal , And this time, it was glorious, writes Jerry Brewer . Meanwhile, John Wall dictates the rules of engagement . He makes this series a street fight and a road race. It seems like a strange combination, but not to him.

>> Speaking of Beal, he does not talk about the refs . When the topic "officiate" came up, Beal's silent expression said everything. " He does not want to be punished ," joked a team official standing near the stock exchange.

>> The Wizards are not yet a team that can play standard and soft with consistency. They are an emotional volcano . This first-round series is now interesting because the Wizards have broken out writes Jerry Brewer

>> Bradley Beal is back . Friday night, the Wizards Guard retook the sleek shootout which elevated him to the 13th in the NBA in the count and resulted in the sixth-year player's first all-star selection. Another player getting up in Game 3 for the occasion? Kelly Oubre Jr.

>> On Saturday night, the League announced a $ 25,000 fine for Markieff Morris for "attempting to escalate a dispute and pushing a game official."

>> " If they do not come to the conference finale, I think a big change is bound to happen ." This is Paul Pierce's assessment, which John Wall proposed and Bradley Beal may "break".

>> The Wizards must turn up the defense if they hope to return to this series. Problem is, that's a big question. According to Neil Greenberg, are the largest liabilities for Washington in the Half Court Kelly Oubre Jr., Markieff Morris, Marcin Gortat and Bradley Beal. All four in the bottom 20 percent of NBA players in the postseason for possession points and each injured the Wizards in different ways .

>> The Wizards did not seem to be disappointed by their Game 2 Loss so Jerry Brewer wonders: maybe they are too cold for their own good ? "It would be understandable if they had reason to dismiss the game as a mistake, if they were a team that does not always have focus issues and transmits preparation to the field, but that is part of their enigmatic identity. You need the reassurance of feeling and feeling their urgency but you must trust them, good luck. "

>> Whatever you judge the wizards – with or without John Wall, in their best or worst condition, at home or on the road, quarrelsome or harmonious, big game or common affair – They do one with amazing consistency: Flub the fourth quarter. They shut down games as if they were trying to pop the heaviest door ever. When they no longer summon late-game strength, their squad of Wenn and Nicht Quites ends with a few last ones "We had them, but …" Regrets Jerry Brewer writes.

>> John Wall thought he was "fat" when the season began. During this two-month discharge from knee surgery after rehab Wall and his staff changed his diet and body . He almost dropped 15 pounds making it easier to play on his feet. This is what this diet looks like. Speaking of Wall, Tom Boswell thinks the Wizards star has to shoot a lot less .

>> The Raptors and Wizards are such peers. Both have been adjusting to their current rosters since 2010. Both reached the playoffs in 2014. But after the Wizards had swept the Raptors in the 2015 playoffs, Toronto made the conference finale next season, while Washington still had not advanced beyond the second round. So while the Wizards and Raptors once had similar lines of development, Toronto has now moved significantly writes Jerry Brewer.

>> No player can be held responsible for the defenses of the Wizards in Game 1. But Kelly Oubre Jr. is often drawn to the wrath of his coach because he shows so much skill on the defensive but negates the potential with youthful failures. He played in the game on Saturday 10 minutes less than his seasonal average.

>> The top of the Wizards could be a little better than the best players in the Raptors. However, on Saturday night the Raptors sent a strong first message about who they are during a 114-106 win in Game 1 at the Air Canada Center. In short, they are better – much better – than Washington Jerry Brewer writes. These are not two teams that go side by side on the same journey. The Raptors have progressed and if you expect them to slow down, the Wizards can catch up, that will not work. If the wizards hope to win this series – or even become a threat to victory – they have to accelerate.

>> Expecting Wizards guard John Wall and Bradley Beal to predict their first round against the Raptors by proclaiming themselves "the best backcourt in the NBA" will be disappointed. Washington's duo holds Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozan in the eyes of Northern rivals

>> Toronto may be the top seed of the East, but the Wizards are still trying to find themselves the one greater challenge than the discouraging opponent could be, writes Jerry Brewer.

>> In his postseason predictions Tim Bontemps of Raptors-Wizards writes: " I want Washington to win this series . The Wizards fit well with Toronto and are not afraid this season Show them … But it's simply impossible to put as much faith in this Wizards team as they did this season. "He says it's Toronto in seven games .

>> Although they are the outsiders, The Wizards see a matchup with Toronto much cheaper than some of the other teams with lower seeds. And while the Wizards fought teams with records under .500 all season, as they did on Wednesday's defeat against magic, they pushed nine opponents into the playoff game after the All-Star break . They also shared the regular season series with Toronto, a player thoughtfully, and a five-time All-Star John Wall played no second in the four games .

>> Regular Season Achievement is not alien to the Raptors who have survived 50 victories in each of the last two seasons. But in the postseason, the Raptors have come together and need plenty of energy to break out of their first-round series and then continue to fight against real contenders. Tim Bontemps explains how Toronto changed its approach this season, hoping to achieve a different result

>> The Raptors have the best NBA bench and had a strong reserve unit for a while – their 2015 team had a higher BPM than their starters, which is unprecedented for a good team. But bank confidence is also one of the causes of Toronto's disappointing playoff results . Here is a deeper look at the Raptors Bank with some names you may not know that have a big impact.

>> Neil Greenberg crunched the numbers, and the Raptors have the second best chance to win the title this season with 22.1 percent. The magicians? Uh, you do not want to know. But there's better news for the wizards: Washington has a 12 percent chance to upset Toronto in the first round . So that's something!

>> Finally, here is a complete schedule for the first round of the NBA with a brief analysis by Tim Bontemps.

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