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NBA raises salaries of G-League players for 2018; to know seven things and possible effects

The NBA G League has done much to increase its profile in recent years. From re-branding the D-League in 2017 to the plan to turn the league into a farm system for NBA teams (so far go teams that are specifically assigned to other players – think baseball farm systems) that it does On Twitch, the G League is no longer just an afterthought. And in that sense, it's time to treat players in a similar way.

On Tuesday, New York Times Marc Stein reported that the League will do just that. At first, players made up to $ 26,000 a month to play for a G-League team. According to Stein, however, this number will increase by at least 35 percent in the 201

8-19 season, with players earning $ 35,000 a month, plus housing and insurance benefits in the midst of the G-League's five-month regular season. 19659002] Here are a few things to know about boosting and logistics and what it could mean to move forward.

Who pays the salaries?

The NBA pays the salaries of G-League players, though that goes messy when you start talking about two-way contracts. The G League has long been just a developmental league in name, with players rarely call-ups. So the idea of ​​interfering with the G-League's salary cap was not considered logistical, and the NBA poured money into their young prospects.

How many teams do affiliates of the G League have?

From next year there will be 27 teams with G-League teams. Only the Denver Nuggets, the New Orleans Pelicans and the Portland Trail Blazers will not have any G League teams next season when the Washington Wizards present the phenomenally named Capital City Go-Go. We will see that this number is expanding soon, as the pelicans are already looking for a location for a team, and as this league becomes more competitive, it may become more of a necessity.

How are two-way contracts affected?

Players There will still be an increase on two-way contracts, though not as drastically. This practice has been in the NBA for a year already and we will probably only use the 16th and 17th roster spots more as the league expands. NBA teams can still carry two players on two-way contracts. As a reminder, the G-League salary is $ 75,000 a month. This will change that to $ 77,250. When an NBA team calls a two-way perspective (they can run two-way tournaments for a maximum of 45 regular-season days in an NBA squad) and a pro rata rookie salary covers the remainder of their money

How will this affect the profile of the G-League?

The G-League has been trying to make a name for itself for some time, but nothing will change that but to improve competition. Easily accessible twitch streams, the idea that NBA fans' favorite teams grow young talents, the appeal of the MLB farm system … all add to the appeal of cultivating a successful G-League, let alone the simple one The fact that The NBA clearly wants as many people as possible to play basketball. In the end, as more potential NBA stars enter the G-League, we will see people following them closer. Look at what eagle eyes are like with Triple A scores. That's the future the NBA wants.

So, will more players join the G-League from high school?

This is difficult because there are a lot of factors involved. It was reported in March that Commissioner Adam Silver wanted to restore the NBA's association with top high school talent, and it was also mentioned that higher L salaries could be a part of it. In that sense, at least on some level, he puts his money where he is right now. The ideal for Silver is that more players join the G-League as an alternative to college from high school, and that salary could tempt them.

The key, of course, will be for NBA teams to take advantage of their farm system to ensure that talent is not forgotten. That's a difficult balance. Darius Bazley will join the G League as he becomes a top recruit breaking out of a commitment to Syracuse. The NBA's age limit of 19 for American players is still there, it does not change that. But it still opens up another way for young prospects.

Why is the NBA doing this now?

Obviously, the league's profile is part of it, and it's a bit ridiculous that the NBA's new 2K league had players who dispose of that amount, in that regard, it partially corrects a wrong one. The other (and probably more important reason) is that in the midst of the scandals that rock the college basketball world, Silver has only gotten louder by trying to avoid a system that he seems to believe is broken. ESPN reported last month that the scandal has accelerated Silver's efforts to build relationships with high school players, with the NBA also trying to improve their skills outside of organized team activities. During his reign, Silver waved past the age limit as an officer, but the G-League gives him the chance to avoid the weaning list altogether.

How will this affect NCAA basketball?

Honestly, it will only show the time. People have long complained about the one-and-done rule, but nothing will effect that change beyond the age limit. There are irrelevant factors that always cause people to go to college. The campus fame, the amenities, the "college experience" (though this experience is more "animal house" than "the norm"). Still, many players will still pour into the NCAA as long as they can. That's not necessarily a bad thing. This is just another way that will make them even more credible.

Whatever happens, this is a pretty drastic change. It's not an insignificant amount of money, and if the League takes other steps to help the G-League players, we'll follow in Bazley's footsteps, if not otherwise. This is another step in helping players who want to take a rather unconventional route to the NBA. But it is the kind of step that could only make it more conventional.

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