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NBC News & # 39; Tom Brokaw blurted out comments on Hispanics, sorry

NBC News special correspondent and former "NBC Nightly News" anchor Tom Brokaw received severe counter-reactions on Sunday to remarks he made in a "Meet the Press" segment about Hispanic assimilation.

Brokaw, 78, made his remarks during a panel discussion about the fight for a wall along the border between the US and Mexico.


"People are seeing the rise of an extraordinary, important new constituent in American politics, the Hispanics who come here and all democrats will be, "he said.

" I also hear when I push people a little harder. "I do not know if I want brown grandchildren. & # 39; I mean, that's part of it, too. "It's about the mixed marriage and the cultures that conflict with each other," he added.

Brokaw continued, "I also believe that Hispanics should work harder on assimilation, which is one of the things I've been saying for a long time, you know, not only should they be codified in their communities, but make sure that all their children will learn to speak English and feel comfortable in the communities, and that will be open on both sides. "

His comments quickly triggered strong reactions to Twitter, and many disfigured what he said. [1

9659007] "(Tom Brokaw) My mother worked hard learning English as most other teenagers in her HS foreign language class," tweeted NYU professor Carolina J. Morena, "I speak Spanish and English fluently, study French and have learned Portuguese, maybe should the US make a greater effort to fit into global society. #ImmigrationIsTheFuture Join us! "

" (Tom Brokaw) for a Fête @NBCNews journalist, who for years showed American society, you seem to be astonishingly ignorant of the Hispanic community in this country. Unfortunate that xenophobia has been carried out because of increased political commentary, "wrote Texas Congressman Joaquin Castro.

Brokaw apologized on Sunday evening and said he felt" some of my comments about Hispanics offended some members of this proud culture. Later, he added, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, my comments were offensive to many. The great American tradition of diversity is to be celebrated and appreciated. yamiche, thank you for your comments. Let's go together. "

For some, Brokaw's apology was not good enough.

" Translation: I'm really sorry I said that out loud, normally I keep my bigotry in my head. Your answer tells me that I betrayed too much and I & # 39; I'm sorry that it insulted you. I wish I could say it, and you were not offended so I do not have to hide that part of me, "wrote one person in an attempt to decipher Brokaw's Tweet

" So disappointed in you, Tom. I hope you did not mean what you're saying during your interview with @chucktodd, " another wrote in response to Brokaw's tweet.

The National Association of Hispanic Journalists said in a statement that an apology was not good enough.

That the US is not the melting pot that the country is proud of is disinformation as the US has always had immigrants and a mix of races, religious beliefs and languages ​​in its history. These values ​​make the country fascinating and have spread the "American Dream," the group said. "The" sorry that some Hispanics were insulted, "Tom Brokaw tweeted that evening, is no excuse. It just goes on to show that Brokaw has no understanding of what forced assimilation can do in the churches.


NBC News did not respond to Fox News' request.

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Michael Arroyo of Fox News contributed to this report.

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