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NBC: Officials have been abolished ex officio after rejecting Kushner's top-secret security clearance

CNN did not confirm the report.

On Wednesday, Democratic MEP Elijah Cummings, chairman of the Committee on Oversight and Reform, launched an investigation into the White House's security procedures.

The White House explicitly covers Mr. Kushner, and we expect the White House to provide all requested documents and interviews to determine if today's Crusher history is correct, "Cummings said Thursday after the NBC report Statement.

According to NBC, Kushner's FBI background exam has identified "questions about his family's business, foreign contacts, trips abroad and meetings during the election campaign," the sources said, refusing to be more specific.


"It happened only once in the three years prior to Kline's arrival," NBC reported in May 2017.

The White House office decides on the privilege to secretly and top-secretly release, but Kushner, as one of Trump's supporters, sought an even higher release, which NBC calls "sensitive compartment information." This release is granted by the CIA.

According to NBC, the CIA officials again cited two persons who were familiar with the matter. Kushner's information was "rejected" and "one called the White House Security Department, wondering how Kushner himself received a top secret clearance." NBC reported that the CIA Kushner did not grant SCI clearance.

CNN has dealt with the White House and Kushner's lawyer, Abbe Lowell, but has not received an opinion.

"We are not commenting on the security checks," said Sarah Sanders, White House Press Secretary, to NBC.

Cummings began his investigation into the White House security investigation, citing "serious violations of top-level national security for the Trump administration."

The Democrat from Maryland sent a letter to the White House requesting a series of documents related to the security clearance process.

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