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NCAA tournament class 2019: 16 predictions and round selections from the computer simulation

College basketball power plants have largely prevailed in the 2019 NCAA tournament. Each seed # 1, # 2, and # 3 remains in NCAA class 2019, while the twelve-seed Oregon is the only surprise in Sweet 16. If you were brave and a team like Yale, Murray State or Too Deep Run, your mount may be broken right now. But with many NCAA competitions available for second chance and round by round in 201

9, it's certainly not too late to get the March Madness selection. That's why you need to read the college basketball tips and predictions for the 2019 NCAA tournament Sweet 16 from SportsLine's proven projection model.

Your proven projection model has simulated every game in the tournament 10,000 times. He has absolutely crushed his March Madness picks over the past year, was among the top five percent of all CBS sports braces, and has called on Villanova to win everything.

She also knows how to discover a surprise. The same model has produced staples that have produced 12 of the 18 first-round, two-digit seed sets in the last three years. Overall, this model also named 14 out of the 16 Sweet 16 teams from 2019, and there's no reason to rely on luck if there are proven technologies that will allow you to dominate your selection of 2019 NCAA tournaments.

Now the model has the chance to pay and simulated the remainder of the 2019 NCAA tournament 10,000 times. We can tell you that the 3-seed Houston defeats the 2-seed Kentucky on Friday night at Sweet Sweet 16 of 2019 in Midwest Regional.

The Cougars were one of the most impressive teams in the March Madness 2019 to date, winning huge victories over the 14th and 14th seed Georgia State and the 11th seed Ohio State. Her average win in the tournament was 22 points, largely due to dynamic guard Corey Davis Jr., who dropped out of Georgia State 26 and took on Ohio State at the age of 21.

The Wildcats were marginalized in the second round by Wofford with seven seeds. In the end they won 62-56, but in the last moments it was a single-handed game when the Southern Conference team shocked them. And there is no guarantee that Kentucky will also come forward in this round. The model gives the Cougars a 53.1 percent chance of winning, leaving Houston with confidence even though the Cougars were opened as 2.5-point underdogs.

Another prediction of the 2019 NCAA Tournament: No. 5 seed Auburn (+5) gives Midwest Regional's Top Seed North Carolina a fears much closer than Vegas expects in a game much closer ,

Auburn rolled past Kansas 89-75 in the second round and took his 10th win in a row. This track includes a pair of victories over Tennessee, a second place finish in the NCAA tournament. The Tigers are one of the most dangerous shooting teams left in the field. Bryce Brown is a 40.8-percent 3-point shooter, while Jared Harper scores 37.9 percent of his shots from deep.

The Tar Heels spent 72.5 points per game this season, only 209 in that category nationwide. When this game becomes a shootout, the tigers have a great chance of keeping it within the number. The model gives North Carolina a 59 percent chance of rising, but all the values ​​versus span are Auburn, covering well over 50 percent of the simulations.

The SportsLine model also has a different region where you need to have the # 3 starting grid because it can cause massive annoyance in the Sweet 16. You can find out who this team is, and any other selection will get the rest of the 2019 NCAA tournament, past SportsLine.

So, what's the updated 2019 NCAA Tournament? And what other seed # 3 is a must? Visit SportsLine now to see which other 3 Seeds bring a surprise, and find out who wins every other game. All this from the model that proclaimed 12 out of 18 first-round-ups with double-digit seed rates in the last three years.

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