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NCAA Tournament Classes: The loss of Tennessee provides clarity in the upper field of 68

Sunday's selection is coming up. And the bracket madness is in full swing. CBS sports stapler Jerry Palm has projected the full field of 68 into the action on Sunday and he will drop by for a final projection before the Selection Show at 18:00. ET. But here are some important things to know when you call:

1. Duke's win over Florida State for the ACC Tournament Championship will make the Blue Devils number one in the NCAA tournament. At full strength, Duke was the best team in college basketball this season, and the Blue Devils are rewarded as such.

. 2 Virginia will also be a No. 1

seed, and is expected to be No. 2 overall. The Cavaliers were defeated on Friday in the semifinals of Florida State's ACC tournament.

. 3 North Carolina and Gonzaga should be the other two seeds. Gonzaga is the only team that defeated Duke while the Blue Devils were in full strength. The Tar Heels and Tennessee each have a victory against the Bulldogs in the non-conference game.

. 4 Tennessee's victory against Kentucky opened the door for the volunteers to potentially become a No. 1 but the loss of volunteers against Auburn in the SEC Championship game will likely close the door.

. 5 Michigan and Michigan State will play for the Big Ten championship on Sunday. Both teams should finish as 2-Seeds regardless of the result.

. 6 Washington's end of the season slide ended in a defeat by Oregon in the Pac-12 tournament. The ducks are now in the NCAA tournament and have made a bid. In my brackets belonged the stolen command of UNC Greensboro.

. 7 The new past four in Ohio State, TCU, St. John's and Arizona State. Washington is one point safer than this group. So, two of the last five teams in my group come from the Pac-12. Huskies fans will likely wonder on Sunday if they will relive the 2012 nightmare when Washington won the regular-season Pac-12 title and missed the NCAA tournament.

. 8 The new last four are UNC-Greensboro, Creighton, Furman and Belmont. This will not make smaller conference fans happy when it happens.

Selection Sunday begins with a busy schedule of the last conference tournaments, followed by the Selection Show on CBS at 6:00 pm. ET. You can stream it here via March Madness Live, which will be your favorite app for the next three weeks. In the meantime, CBS Sports HQ has all the important insights, predictions and analysis you could need all morning, afternoon and evening on Sunday and throughout the tournament. Stream it for free, live and without signing up.

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