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Ndamukong Suh to the Rams: L.A. Defense, packed with star players

Aaron Donald and Ndamukong Suh play together on the same line of defense – it's as scary as it sounds, for obvious and subtle reasons. The obvious: Donald is the best gap-shooting Interior-D-Lineman in football – a label that previously belonged to the 31-year-old Suh.

The Subtle: Donald and Suh are both 3 techniques (Warren Sapp's old) position, where the player aligns between the guard of the attack and Tackle), but they are also versatile. Both have evolved in 2-technique (oriented on a guard), in 1-technique (aimed directly over the shoulder of a center) and, especially in Donald's case, as sub-package 0 technique (oriented over the center). ) Donald and Suh also played meaningful snapshots at the defensive end, and Suh occasionally roamed around Miami as a joker. An interesting side note? The man who invented these numbered labels is Bum Phillips, the father of the Rams defense coordinator, Wade Phillips.

This dual versatility will greatly expand and disguise the four-headed tactic of the Los Angeles designer. Attackers will see Donald and Suh in different locations and have trouble tracking which D-Line stunt, twist or slant is coming. Suh has always been great at the dirty work here, attacking Blocker and luring double teams to make passhases for others. And the longer the game lasts, the stronger Suh gets. (The opposite is usually the case with defensive linemen.) This season, you see Suh attacking a blocker while Donald sneaks up behind him to get the quarterback or put him back in Suh, who has worn out the blocker by then becomes.

That's good. The worst ̵

1; or more specifically, the caveat – is that this dynamic defensive tackle duo does not suddenly make Los Angeles a foolproof top-10 defense. Two big questions remain. First, both men are classic first and second down 3 techniques that go down-downs in 1 technique, and how will that work? And secondly, can there be a defense to having TWO linemen taking as many risks as Donald and Suh? If they invade and make the game, it's beautiful. But if they invade and do not play the game, the defense gets hurt.

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Even more aggressive are the cornerbacks of Los Angeles. Only one corner plays a riskier brand than the new Ram Aqib Talib, and that's the new Ram Marcus Peters. These are two of the game's best playmakers, but they also give up a lot of games. Some defensive trainers would not feel comfortable with a outside corner spot, let alone both .

With corners like these, it's imperative that a defense pass rush home comes quarterback throw early, because that way damage jumper like Talib and Peters. If this Pass Rush does not come home, the route jumper can be liabilities. This undoubtedly helped the Rams spend $ 14 million on Suh. What is still missing is a dominant edge breaker. Last year's top end, Robert Quinn, was washed ashore so that he and his $ 11.4 million chapter number came to Miami. This leaves Matt Longacre and Samson Ebukam as the only true raven eaters; Violations will not install additional chip blocking protectors for L.A.

The Rams require an edge dresser, but only a few are available. The free agency has nothing more to offer, and this year the rookie cutting crop is light. Maybe this was the L.A.'s passion for Suh. Since there was no outsider out there, the second best game was to become super domineering inside. Nonetheless, these front seven are still not great at the edges, as some top shelf defenses have said before.

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