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Nebraska farmer is trying to rescue someone in state's worst flooding in 50 years

The "bomb cyclone" slammed the central US with hurricane-like winds and blizzard conditions this week, leaving its tracks heavy rains and flooding.

In a news conference Friday, Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts said the state has been flooded in almost every region.

"This is the largest widespread amount of flooding we've had in the past half century," he said, according to CNN affiliate KTIV.

Nebraska rescue teams have been pulling trapped residents out of flood waters since Thursday.

James Wilke, a Columbus farmer, got a call to assist a stranger, and never came home. According to CNN affiliate KMTV, a close friend posted on social media about his last moments.

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CNW affiliates KOLN and KGIN reported the Nebraska Emergency Management Agency confirmed a flood-related fatality in Platte County. The mayor of columbus so told the affiliate station that person a farmer on a tractor out to rescue someone from the flood waters.

Crews around Platte Valley were resident from King Lake when they were so stuck.

Fifteen volunteers were stranded on the lake, eventually rescued themselves with the help of the Nebraska National Guard, which brought in a Black Hawk helicopter, according to CNN affiliate KETV.

Continued flood warnings

The National Weather Service predicts "much calmer" weather in most areas this weekend ,. However, flooding wants persist throughout the Mississippi and Missouri river.

"Anyone with interests along impacted river should monitor / take action," the weather service said.

Many central Iowa rivers may see moderate flooding into the next week from the rain and snowmelt runoff, the weather service said. A flood warning for northern and central parts of Iowa has been published as "local creeks and streams, as well as the main river branches are running high," according to the weather service.

In Wisconsin, Darlington officials said the city broke its flooding record, since the Pecatonica River was crested at 18.2 feet in 1993, according to CNN affiliate KCRG.
"This is the worst flooding we've had since then," said Darlington Police Chief Jason King, according to the news station. "We're hoping that the damage and the actual effects that it could have on business and residents will be minor."

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