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Necco Wafers factory closed, but here is where you get the sweets

Panic twinkie lovers lost their mind when hostess was closed in 2012. Fortunately, the company made a quick and sweet comeback, with the help of Today Al Roker, in 2013.

But now another classic candy factory has closed down – and it's unclear whether it will return in the foreseeable future. Necco, the producer of chipping, chalky treats, has bitten the dust and closed its factory on Tuesday.

This week, devotees of all the company's sweets gather to find their favorite snacks in the midst of sudden closure.

The remaining days of Necco Wafers may be sweet but short

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Necco Wafers & # 39; remaining days may be sweet but short

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The historic confectionery manufacturer (which stands for the New England Confectionery Company) had been operating since 1847 and was the oldest continuously running confectionery company in America, according to NBC News. The other famous sweets are Sky Bars, Mary Janes, Clark Bars, Candy Buttons, Squirrel Nut Zippers and Mighty Malts.

Necco was bought by an investment company in May at a bankruptcy auction and recently sold to a new, unnamed owner. The new owner did not specify whether production was resumed in the factory, in which 230 persons were employed.

In the meantime, the classic Necco sweets are in great demand among the fans.

Stock levels are already low as the facility was shut down for seven days in May after the Food and Drug and Administration found evidence of rodent activity and unhygienic conditions, according to the Boston Globe. But the good news is that many places are still selling sweets … for now.

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Although some Amazon sellers are charging ever higher prices for Necco Wafers, TODAY Food found six Bazooka Bubble Gum rolls for $ 16.99 – and they're available through Amazon Prime.


There are also many options on eBay, such as these two 4-ounce bags from Necco Wafers for a Buy It Now price of $ 10.99.


Necco lovers can buy a 24-piece box of tropical-flavored Necco wafers and a 100-piece tub of Clark bars for $ 30 each.

Rocket Fizz

TODAY The food contacted several places this year with sweets and sodas spread all over the country to check their inventory of Necco sweets. Some reported that they were completely sold out, while others still had the sweets.

As of Thursday, stores in Cary and Raleigh, North Carolina had several packages of Necco Wafers and Mary Janes on the shelves. The store in Marietta, Georgia, still had plenty of Necco Wafers and Mary Janes, but reported that demand had risen since the plant closed. The site in Chattanooga, Tennessee, confirmed TODAY Food, which still had Squirrel Nut Zippers and Sky Bars in stock.

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Necco wafers are lost in some stores.

Cracker Barrel

The "Old Country Store" section of this comfort restaurant is known for collecting a lot of nostalgia. A spokeswoman for the restaurant told TODAY Food: "Yes, we currently sell Necco Wafers in our stores, but stocks are low (less than 2,000 are left over at our more than 650 locations.) We expect a sell off by the end of the week. "

Go to that local cracker barrel soon, folks!

Hopefully someone will revive this fighting society and bring the plant back to life – fingers crossed that Al can come back to the rescue just as he did for Twinkies. What else will we do on Valentine's Day without Sweethearts?

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