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Neil DeGrasse Tyson deals with allegations of sexual misconduct

Neil deGrasse Tyson has finally commented on the allegations of sexual misconduct that became public on Friday. In a lengthy Facebook post, he said his piece and went into detail the allegations to explain his side of the story.

"I have recently been publicly charged for sexual misconduct," he wrote in the post. "These allegations have received quite a bit of press in the last 48 hours without my reactions. In many cases, it's not the media. I declined to comment on the grounds that serious allegations should not be raised in the press. Of course I can not keep silent.

The famous astrophysicist / TV personality was charged with sexual misconduct by various women. In light of the new allegations, the networks and producers swear behind the Emmy winner Cosmos to investigate the matter. a fan. He then talked about an incident involving a PA in 201

8. Once he said to her, "If I hug you, maybe I want more." She sneaked out as he invited her to wine and cheese. He also responded to allegations in the early 1980s when he was accused of drugging and raping a woman.

"I am the defendant, so why do you believe something I am saying? Why do you believe me anyway? "He concluded.

He added," Charges can harm a reputation and a marriage. Sometimes irreversible. I see myself as a loving husband and a civil servant – a scientist and educator who serves the will of the public. I am grateful for the support I have received from those who continue to respect and value me and my work. "

Read below his entire statement.

For a variety of reasons, most are eligible, some unjustified men are charged with sexual inappropriate behavior in today's ego-to-climate is declared guilty by the court of public opinion. Emotions bypass the process, people choose the pages, and the social media wars begin.

Evidence is important in any claim. Evidence is always important. But what happens if it is just another person's word and the stories do not match? Then people tend to judge who is more credible than who. And then an impartial investigation of the truth can best serve you-and I would have my full cooperation.

I was recently publicly charged for sexual misconduct. These allegations have received quite a bit of press in the last 48 hours without my reactions accompanying them. In many cases, it's not the media. I declined to comment on the grounds that serious allegations should not be raised in the press. Of course, I can not keep silent. Below, I present my report on each allegation.

The 2009 incident

I am asked by thousands of people a year to take pictures with them. A flattering, time-consuming but charming task. As many in my fanbase can testify, I am almost dizzy when I realize that you are wearing cosmic bling – clothing or jewelry or tattoos that represent the universe, either scientifically or artistically. I make it a priority to point out these embellishments for the photo.

A colleague from a well-attended social gathering after the conference came to me and asked for a photo. She wore a sleeveless dress with a tattooed solar system that towered over her arm. And although I do not explicitly recall looking for Pluto's shoulder, it would certainly be something I would have done in this situation. As we all know, I have a career history with the downgrading of Pluto, which officially took place only three years earlier. Whether people take it in their tattoos or not is of great interest to me. It was reported that I "sought" her by looking for "her dress" while this was simply a search under the hooded part of her sleeveless dress shoulder.

I first learned (nine years later) that she thought this behavior was scary. That was never my intention and I am deeply sorry that she felt that way. If I had known about her discomfort at the moment, I would have eagerly and apologized on the spot. In my mind's eye I am a friendly and approachable person, but in the future I can be safer for the personal space of people, even in the midst of my planetary enthusiasm.

Summer 2018 Incident

During the shooting last summer, I was hired to hire a (female) production assistant to ensure that, among all of my countless tasks, every ounce of my energy efficiently matched the show's production requirements was distributed. In this context, she was also my driver from and to the studio to make sure that I arrive on time. In the car we would check the details of the shoot and it would help me to anticipate parts of the shoot. During the many weeks of shooting, she and I spent more than a hundred hours in one-on-one talks. We became so kind that we talked about all sorts of topics, including social and personal issues, such as caring for aging parents, sibling relationships, high school and college life, hometown hobbies, race, gender and so on , We also discussed less personal topics, such as rock lyrics, favorite songs in different musical styles, concert experiences, etc. We also talked about food – I'm a kind of foodie and her fiancé was a cook. In short, we had a fun, talkative friendship.

She is a talented, warm and friendly person – excellent qualities for morality in high-pressure production. Virtually everyone she knows on set is greeted by her on a daily basis. I have explicitly rejected any hug that was frequently offered during production. Instead, I offered a handshake and on a few occasions said awkwardly, "If I hug you, maybe I want more." My intention was to express restrained but sincere affection.

In the last week of shooting After only a few days, I invited her as the cornerstone of our friendship with wine and cheese, when I set myself free from work. No pressure. I often serve wine and cheese for visitors. And I even made her aware that other production people were gathering in a different location that evening so she could just drop me off and go straight to where or else. She chose wine and cheese and I was very happy. In the car we had started a long conversation that could go on unabated. Production days are long. We arrived late, but she was on her way home two hours later.

After that she came to my office to tell me that she was disturbed by the wine and cheese evening. She saw the invitation as an attempt to seduce her, even though she sat opposite me at the table with wine and cheese and all the conversations were in the same direction as all the other conversations we had ever had.

Besides, I never touched her until I shook her hand on departure. On that occasion, I had offered a special handshake that I had learned from a local elder on reservation land on the edge of the Grand Canyon. They stretch their thumbs forward during the handshake to feel the life energy of another person – the pulse. I have never forgotten this handshake, and I keep it for the appreciation of the people with whom I have made new friends.

At this last meeting in my office, I apologized many times. She accepted the apology. And I assured her that if I had known she was feeling unwell, I would have apologized immediately, ended the evening, and possibly recalled the other social gathering she could attend. She explained it nevertheless to her last day, only few days of the production.

I notice that as a last gesture she offered me a hug that I accepted as a farewell friend.

Early 1980s

I entered the Astrophysics Graduate School in 1980 directly at the University. It's a grueling adventure marathon, and many people do not finish the promotion. Indeed, it was not uncommon for half of the admitted students to leave after two or three years and find another kind of work in their lives. During my studies, I had several girlfriends, one of whom was to become my wife of thirty, a mathematical physicist – we met in the relativity class. During this time I had a short relationship with another Astro student from a newer class. I remember being intimate only a few times, everything in her apartment, but the chemistry was not there. So the relationship faded quickly. There was nothing unusual or unusual about this friendship.

After that time, I did not see much of her. Our student offices were on different floors of the building and we were not in the same class. A few years later I met her, pregnant, with whom I was the father at her side. That was when I learned that she had dropped out of college. Again, this is not an uncommon fact, but I still wish her to feel comfortable in maternity and whatever career path she would take.

More than thirty years later, when my visibility took another leap, I read a freshly posted blog. I accused myself of using drugs and rape a woman I could not recognize through photos or names. It turned out to be the same person I used to meet in the graduate school for a short time. She had changed her name and married a whole life before this charge with children.

For me, the most important thing was that in this new life, long after she had dropped out of the Astrophysics Graduate School, she published videos of colored tuning forks equipped with therapeutic vibratory energy channeling them from the orbiting planets. As a scientist, I found that strange. According to her blog posts, the allegation of drug and rape is based on an assumption about what happened to her in a night she can not remember. It's as if a fake memory had been implanted that, because it never happened, must be remembered as an evening she does not remember. She also does not remember that she woke up the next morning and went to the office. I recorded everything she posted, if her stories changed over time. So that's sad, which rejects an explanation for me.

I realize that this statement was used by at least one journalist as a kind of bait to get everyone who had met me out of the woodwork. They are uncomfortable.


I am the defendant, so why do you believe anything I say? Why do you believe me anyway?

This brings us back to the value of an independent investigation that FOX / NatGeo (the networks on which Cosmos and StarTalk air) announced that they have announced this will conduct I salute that.

Charges can damage a good name and a marriage. Sometimes irreversible. I see myself as a loving husband and a civil servant – a scientist and educator who serves the will of the public. I am grateful for the support I have received from those who continue to respect and appreciate me and my work.

Respectfully filed, Neil deGrasse Tyson, New York City

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