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Nene Leakes rages over RHOA castmates, Eva Marcille, Porsha Williams and Cynthia Bailey Fire Back

The latest video Nene Leakes uploaded to her official YouTube channel is titled "Read and Shadow," and that's what she has to offer. " The Real Housewives of Atlanta "issued. Co-Stars But Porsha Williams Eva Marcille and Cynthia Bailey did not lie down what she said.

In the 41-minute video, Leakes airs her out of trouble with the ladies. She dismissed Marcille at first because she had made a big deal crying leaks at her wedding. She also asked if anybody had seen her, as she had seen "something below the belt" in relation to Marcille, who had "come for her" at reunification.

Marcille then called Leakes for their "dodgy ass feelings" at the ceremony. Next, Leakes rushed into Williams, who hinted that leaks during the incident in Leakes' cabinet at the "Bye Wig" party Williams on a potentially harmful Way touched.

"Yes, I've packed the cameraman … I'll never deny it," Leakes begins. "But what I'm telling you is that I've never touched the girl and if she wants to say that, she can say anything she wants. Believe me, if you listen to the footage long enough, you'll know when to go into our interviews, she did in an interview.

"We go to the studios to conduct our interviews," Leakes continues. Audible, he said, "I'm scared," as the camera shot into the closet by Leakes after Williams and Kandi Burruss got into their closet without Leakes' permission. "If something is not clear, we have to tell the cameras to make sure it's clear and used … girls, you violent offenders. You were in five fights. Now you are suddenly scared and do not touch me? Most moms would go crazy if they were pregnant, if someone went near them.

The new mother Williams responded that Leakes & # 39; s opinion on the matter was not true. "You are a smooth throat LIE," she said in part. The remark was later deleted.

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Leakes also went on Instagram Live and tore Bailey, which she believed was her wrong, [KenyaMoore ] would go as far as Bailey's Seagram & # 39; s Escapes Beverage Start Party Appeared Woman said Bailey had insisted Leakes had informed Marcille that her buddy Yovanna Momplaisir would come to her "Bye Wig" party since Momplaisir and Marcille had collided before. As such, Leakes had a problem with Bailey not giving her the same courtesy.

"Why did not you tell me that Kenya is coming?" Leakes said. "Since you thought I should have known Eva because Eva has this problem with Yovanna, you should tell me that Kenya has been coming since she and I have a problem. Cynthia never told me anything. All you have to do now is watch the finale to see what happens. That's why me and Cynthia dropped out. "

Bailey took her usual approach and promoted her peach Bellini.

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Fans of "RHOA" left a variety of comments.

"I agree that NeNe is old for the back and forth shit, damn it, take care of your ill husband bringing these guys."

"Cynthia was never honest, she was always fake." [19659002] "This gets messy."


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