Newnan City Ga Ga. Barriers were built around Greenville Street Park blocking several major nearby roads to prevent rallies and control counter-demonstrations on Saturday by neo-Nazis. Groups of white racists and members of an anti-fascist coalition.

It was the largest clash between groups since the clashes in Charlottesville last year that left one person dead [19659006] The National Socialist Movement secured permission to gather in a park pavilion while demonstrators gathered in the park Nearby Greenville Street received a special assembly park, said Hasco Craver, deputy city director of Newnan, a city of 30,000 people in the Metropolitan Atlanta area, The Newnan Times-Herald reports. The NSM said it would receive approval from 50 to 100 supporters at the rally.

"We're going to hit on all hot-button issues," said Burt Colucci, the "chief of staff" for the National Socialist Movement, reported the Atlanta Journal-Constitution . "If it's controversial in America, we'll talk about it."

Children show support for their small community while they paint peace, love and anti-hatred signs in the chalk Greenville St. Park on April 20, 2018, at night before a National Socialist rally. (Photo: John David Mercer, USA TODAY NETWORK)

He called for a crackdown on "illegal immigration" as a hot topic.

"We have to clean them up and bring them to the camp if necessary," he said "Just like we Italians, Germans and Japanese, we are at war with the illegals."

Colucci told the news anchor that his Group Towns were largely random for their rallies, though they found that they were largely white.

Thursday began with the construction of plastic barricades with a chain-link fence around the park and along the main roads that are closed off. They also built 100 gallons of water barriers to keep the two groups apart WXIA-TV reports.

Local authorities said no less than 400 local, state and federal officers would be present to oversee the rally and help demonstrators protect First Amendment rights.

"Our # 1 priority is the safety of our people and their property," said Newnan police chief Douglas "Buster" Meadows.

Police encouraged business owners to remove things like decorations, chairs, or tables that might be (19659006) City dwellers and local politicians were wary of repeating clashes between hundreds of white nationalists and their supporters and counter-demonstrators at "Unite the Right" Rally in Charlottesville August. In addition to melee attacks, a vehicle drove into a crowd of counter-demonstrators, killing one person and injuring more than a dozen.

"Every citizen has the constitutional right to express his liberties to the First Amendment to freedom of expression and freedom to protest, but the racist views of neo-Nazis are utterly despicable," said Rep. Drew Ferguson, R-Ga. "I recommend Mayor (Keith) Brady for his work to ensure a peaceful event and to urge the entire Newnan community to stand together to show that there is no room for hatred or intolerance in the third district of Georgia. "

Members of the Antifa , along with the Democratic Socialists of America and the Anarchist Workers' Solidarity, planned to assemble at 1.30pm by 3pm, even though they had no official permit to march, while the White Nationalist rally permit was issued from 3pm to 3pm. 17:00

One of the goals of the Antifa, a loose coalition of anonymous activists, was to photograph and identify members of the neo-Nazi groups and inform their employers. The website for Atlanta Antifa said on Saturday that a number of neo-Nazis allegedly lived in a hotel near Bremen and asked fans to call the hotel to complain.

"Ask them why they accept locals, other hotel guests and Georgia residents by making several bookings of notorious neo-Nazis this weekend," the site said while providing the phone number for the inn. "Please, that they throw the Nazis out of their room."

The Antifa group called on their supporters to be "polite to the hotel staff, this is not their fault, they are some of the people most at risk of staying in this place by Nazis."

As in Charlottesville, Antifa forces pledged to confront the neo-Nazis and asked the supporters to wear Sharpies to write the phone number for "prison support" if they were to be arrested.

Dozens of companies in Newnan teamed up to protest against the rally offering #NewnanStrong T-shirts for sale. Those who plan to close on Saturday stayed open late into the night on Friday to cover lost revenue and provide an alternative spirit to the city, with music, dance, makeup and community service enrollment, according to website.

"This Saturday, we want to respect our local law enforcement and city officials by following their request to stay away from the city center and the ongoing conflict," the organizers said.

They called on city dwellers to "celebrate diversity in our community."

"Celebrate your neighbors, co-workers, the people you interact with each week that bring something to your life," they said. "There will be a lot of hate in the park on Saturday, let's overpower it with a flood of community and love on Insta and FB."

Contribution: Michael King, WXIA TV in Newnan, Ga.

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