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Netgear announces a $ 599 high-end wireless router

Netgear announces today a new high-end router with two outstanding features: First, it supports Wi-Fi 6, the brand new Wi-Fi standard. and secondly, it's a tri-band model, meaning it's capable of delivering much more data at once.

Tri-band routers have become popular thanks to mesh networks, where a number of routers need to be placed around your home to get stronger signal everywhere. In these cases, a third band is often used as a dedicated communication channel between the routers, so that the actual information you request is not delayed.

For this new router is the Nighthawk tri-band AX1

2, mesh meshing is not part of the equation. It's just a standalone router. The third volume is at your disposal, offering owners up to 10.8 Gbps of data transfer.

The router includes a single 2.4 GHz band and two 5 GHz bands, with all three bands containing 4 x 4 antenna arrays. Wired connectivity is also high-end: The router supports connections up to 2.5 Gbps and includes five Gigabit Ethernet ports for networking.

Few people have access to this speed at home, so the specifications of this router will be way beyond what most people need. It will sell for $ 599 and will be available in May.

Netgear has already announced a few other Wi-Fi 6 routers with the same spaceship design: the AX8 and the AX12 (which are different from today's.) Confused Tri-Band AX12 ). Both are dual band routers that provide 6Gbps connectivity and a range of Gigabit Ethernet ports. They are also slightly cheaper: the AX8 costs $ 399 and the AX12 $ 499. TP-Link has also introduced several Wi-Fi 6 routers.

Wi-Fi 6 is only on the market, and since it's brand new, it's no surprise when it comes to high-end routers. However, it is not until Wi-Fi 6 arrives at cheaper models – those who buy the most when they come to Best Buy to get a new one after their current model suddenly stops working – that the new one Standard really comes through on.

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