Neve Campbell (L) and JJ Feild attend the 68th Primetime Emmy Awards in 201

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" House of Cards" Star Neve Campbell announces the "sheer joy" of being able to adopt a "beautiful" boy Raynor with her partner, actor JJ Feild

Campbell posted a picture on Instagram on Friday with Feild and her six-year-old son Caspian pushing a stroller onto a sidewalk just a few moments after the adoption was officially made.

The actress says she has been keeping the adoption news for five months under wraps.

"It was a mystery until now, when JJ and I wanted to wait until it was official," Campbell wrote. "I really wanted to share the news with you."

The family is excited about the new addition.

"We are madly in love with him," Campbell wrote, adding that "Caspian" is over the moon and asks every morning, "Can I hold my baby? Can I feed my baby? Can I play with my baby? ? " It is the most incredible thing we have experienced. "

Campbell says she thanks the birth parents on a daily basis" for such an incredible gift. "

" We are so thankful for this beautiful light that comes into our lives. Campbell wrote:

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