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New AI can create fake videos of people from a single image

Dramatic and misleading

Picture: Reddit / SICResearch

The current situation: CNN returns to its borders.

In less than a decade, America has radically changed its favorites in cable news networks. As this sequence of cards with TMAs (Television Market Areas) suggests, CNN is out, Fox News is in.

The cards are certainly dramatic, but also somewhat misleading. Nevertheless, they give an insight into the state of journalism and the public's attitude towards the US press.


  • It's 2008, the eve of the Obama era. CNN (blue) dominates the cable news landscape across America. Fox News (red) is an upstart (° 1
    996) with some regional bastions in the south. By 2010, Fox News broke out of its southern heartland and colonized markets in the Midwest and Northwest – and even north of Maine and South Alaska.
  • Two years later, Fox News has lost these two outliers, but has filled up in the middle: now there are two large, contiguous blocks in the southeast and northwest that almost touch each other.
  • 2014 Fox News seems to have passed its heyday. The northwestern block has shrunk, the southeastern is shattered.
  • Spurred on by Trump's presidential campaign in 2016, Fox News is back with a vengeance. Not only did Maine and Alaska turn from completely blue to red, but most of the US Fox News has also closed the gap in Nebraska: it's no longer possible to cross CNN territory from coast to coast.
  • Until 2018 The fortunes of a decade ago have almost reversed. Fox News rules the district. CNN is stuck on the Pacific Coast, New Mexico, Minnesota, and parts of the northeast, as well as some metropolitan areas in the south and midwest.

"Terrifying Map"

Source: Reddit / SICResearch [19659004] This sequence of maps showing America changing from blue to red sparked strong reactions in the Reddit forum in which it was published last week out. For some, the takeover by Fox News shows the decline of anything good and fair in news journalism. Among the comments?

  • "The end is near."
  • "Idiocracy is growing."
  • "(It's) like a spreading disease."
  • "One of the more appalling cards I've seen."

Others are less about the rise of Fox News than about CNN's own downward spiral:

  • "LOL, the happens when you have false news! "
  • " CNN "A Minecraft YouTuber might outperform CNN."
  • "CNN has become more like a high school newscast production."

Not many faults are found in both channels, although not always to the same extent:

  • "It is disconcerting if anybody thinks that one of these good news sources is one of those networks."
  • "You both become understand less than more. "
  • " This is what happens when you launch Bullsh – for two years in a row. People find an alternative – even if it's just another Bullsh – "ht bullsh– and groundless propaganda Fox News spits."

"Old people are learning to Google "

Image: Google Trends

CNN Vs. Fox News Search terms (200! -2018)

But what do the cards actually show? They were created by SICResearch and show a tremendous development, but not in terms of audience size of both cable messaging networks (ie H. Nielsen Ratings). The dramatic shift is one in Google Search Trends . In other words, how often users enter "CNN" or "Fox News" while surfing the Internet. And that does not necessarily reflect the relative popularity of both networks. Some commentators say:

  • "I can not remember the last time I searched for a news channel on Google, is it really so difficult for people to type in? # Cnn.com?"
  • "More These cards show more than anything else the proliferation of smartphones (in the elderly)."
  • "This is a map of how old people and rural areas have learned to handle Google in the last decade or so . "
  • " This is basically a map of people who do not understand how the Internet works, and it's not surprising that it's conservative. "

Such a strong visual image as this card sequence is said to elicit a vehement response – and its lack of context offers viewers little new information to challenge their prejudices. Like the news itself, cartography pretends to be objective, but always has its own agenda, even if it's only through the selection of topics.

The trick is not to despair cards (or messages), but to get a good idea of ​​the parameters that are in play. And as so often (in both maps and news), what is left out is at least as significant as what is actually being shown.

One important point: Fox News is the only major supplier of news and opinions with a Conservative / Right, CNN has more competition in the middle / left part of the spectrum, especially from MSNBC.

Another problem: The average age of cable news viewers, whether they see CNN or Fox News, is in the mid-1960s. As a result of a shift in generational habits, television is declining across the board. Younger people feel more comfortable with a "cafeteria" approach to their news menu by choosing alternative and online sources for their information comes to engagement among news agencies.

CNN, Fox and MSNBC

Image: Google Trends

CNN vs. Fox (without the & # 39; messages & # 39; may include searches for actual foxes). See MSNBC (in yellow) for comparison.

By way of illustration: Here are the Nielsen ratings for the average daily total of the three most important cable news networks for 2018 (compared to 2017):

  • Fox News: 1,425,000 (-5%)
  • MSNBC: 994,000 (+ 12%)
  • CNN: 706,000 (-9%)

And according to this latest survey, the top 50 most popular Web sites in the US rank cnn.com 28th and foxnews.com the 27th place.

The top 5 in descending order are made up of google.com, youtube.com, facebook.com, amazon.com and yahoo.com. The latter are the highest ranked websites in the news and media category.

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