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New Anthem Trailer Explores history, struggle and the world

EA has released a new trailer for Anthem, the upcoming action game from Mass Effect and Dragon Age Studio BioWare. The trailer is called "Our World, My Story" and breaks down two of the central pillars of the anthem, which give insight into how players can experience the universe in which the game plays and the narrative it tells

"At the heart of anthem is the concept of our world, my story," says BioWare. "The unmistakable combination of a shared, dynamic world and a personal story, discover how these two elements contribute to creating a connected world unique to each player.

"The world narrative progresses your whole team," it continues. They will continue to come into our world by taking on explosive missions offered by agents who need your help. These missions take you deep into the heart of the anthem while developing the personal stories of each agent. Outside the battles there is Freeplay, a chance for you to explore alone or with friends, find answers to your questions about Anthem and find powerful artifacts that can lead you to victory … This is real-time storytelling, a reinvention of personal narratives in a multiplayer game.

People will have the opportunity to try something out when a demo for Anthem is released on February 1, 2019. The "VIP demo" will be announced during the PAX panel for EA / Origin Access subscribers Xbox One and PC are also granted access to those who pre-order on a platform, ie those with a PS4 on which EA Access is unavailable are not excluded.

Anthem lead producer Mike Gamble said at PAX that the demo is not "a tech test or a beta looking for feedback" and instead is a "piece of our game." EA has confirmed the release date of Anthem as February 22, 2019 Waiting for the full game after the Demo will not be too long At the E3 2018 executive producer Mark Darrah answered questions about the game on Twitter, and you can read about all of these anthem gameplay details here.

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