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New Apple iPad models appear to be scheduled for release in September

It looks like more Apple iPad tablets are on the way. Earlier this month, MySmartPrice discovered five new iPad models that received the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) certification. Now two more models seem to have been added. The seven model numbers to be certified include A2068, A2198, A2230, A2197, A2228, A2200 and A2232. All of these devices are powered by iPadOS 13, according to documentation that points to a fall release.

We believe that Apple will stick to its entry-level model in support of Touch ID and first-generation pencil

It is speculated that the new tablets will replace the 9.7-inch iPad that is available in the March 201
8 was launched on the market. In the upcoming model, the screen size could be increased to 10.2 inches, with a reduction in the size of the side panels. Apple has a lot more to do with its tablets now, as it has developed a separate operating system for the iPad called iPadOS. Again, the company sees a chance. While the global tablet market was declining, two new iPad Pro models from 2018 and the new iPads introduced this year helped the company grow revenue by 22% in the second quarter. This was the highest growth rate of the product in six years, when Apple sold $ 4.87 billion worth of tablets in the three-month period. Apple will announce its third quarter results after the market closes on July 30.

Apple does not seem ready to equip its cheaper tablets with the same features as the latest iPad Pro models. In short, the new entry-level iPad is unlikely to feature a TrueDepth camera or face ID and may support only the first-generation Apple Pencil. There are two reasons to come to these conclusions. First, Apple wants to differentiate its premium tablet line, and second, it has left Touch ID on the two tablets, which it released earlier this year. Interestingly, Apple has equipped the iPad (2018) with the 2016 A10 Fusion chipset, although it could have used the A11 Bionic instead. If this continues with the upcoming model, the new iPad could be running on the latter chip instead of the A12 Bionic SoC used for the 2018 iPhones. For comparison, the iPad Pro devices, which Apple launched in November last year, are equipped with the A12X Bionic chipset.
Earlier this month, an analyst named Jeff Lin, who oversees the supply chain for IHSMarkit, said Apple is working on a foldable 5G iPad for 2020. This fits in with a timeline released late last year by an Asian investment firm called CGS-CIMB was created. By the end of the second half of 2020, Apple will deliver a foldable device according to this schedule. That Apple is working on a foldable device is not exactly a secret. After all, the company has filed and received a number of patents for such a product. The only question is whether Cupertino brass manufacturers have made the production of a foldable tablet more difficult given the problems that have forced Samsung to postpone the release of the Galaxy Fold by about five months.

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