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New British Brexit Chief: We may not be able to pay the exit fee if no agreement is reached

LONDON – Britain's slow pace away from the European Union took a new turn on Sunday when the new Brexit chief suggested that Britain could not pay its £ 39 billion ($ 51 billion) divorce bill If No Trade Agreement With The European Union Is Established

Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab told the Sunday Telegraph that there must be a "conditionality" between Great Britain, which has to pay the high exit rate, and its ability to establish a new relationship with the EU [19659006] "You can not have one side completing their side of the bargain and the other side is not going, or walking slowly, or not on its side," he said, hinting that the threat of withholding the payment was Brexit Talks could be resumed

Britain and the EU remain far apart in relation to a new trade organization. The conservative party of British Prime Minister Theresa May is also deeply divided over which Brexit policy should support her. Raab replaced David Davis, who resigned two weeks ago, to protest against May's "soft" Brexit plan.

May faces a massive rebellion of party colleagues who advocate a complete break with the EU – a so-called "hard" Brexit than May's proposal calling for a "common set of rules" with European nations governing trade in goods would.

EU negotiator Michel Barnier is also looking forward to May's last proposal and raises many questions on Friday about its feasibility. However, Raab says he still hopes that an agreement can be concluded by October so that the EU Parliament and EU national parliaments can ratify the agreement before Britain leaves in March.

"Indeed, Michel Barnier is not water, but asking questions is a positive sign – we are negotiating," said Raab, looking forward to further Brexit discussions in Brussels on Thursday.

But former Prime Minister John Major warned that the hardliners are in his own Conservative Party

"The danger right now is that they frustrate every move the government is aiming for, and by mistake, because nothing is agreed can, we will collapse without a deal, "he said in the BBC

Major said that to hold a second referendum to judge public opinion, as more is known about the real effects of Brexit, would be" morally justified ", because the proponents of Brexit raised so many bloated claims before Jun e 2016 vote.

"Looking back on the Holiday Campaign, many of the promises they made were fantasy promises," he said. "We now know that they are not hit."

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