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New Diablo 4 leak reveals incredible character

Diablo 4 has leaked for the third time in two weeks, confirming the existence of the game. In other words, before Blizzard is expected to announce the game at BlizzCon 2019 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC, part of the character art has leaked out because the title has created a pending art book, possibly suggesting early or mid-2020 release. More specifically, Lilith's new design for the game was revealed in an excerpt from the above-mentioned book. It looks like a classic blizzard character that is not always translated as "amazing," but in this case.

For those who do not know: Lilith is the daughter of Mephisto, Lord of Hass, the sister of Lucion and known as the Queen of Sukkubi. At one point she was also the beloved of the archangel Inarius, and her relationship with him led to the birth of the very first nephalon.

"Lilith's debut in Diablo IV is a reshaping of her form that is far different from her earlier appearance," reads a snippet from the art book. According to the art director of the game John Mueller, the character's new design is a great example of "plussing". This means that an artist picks up a previous concept of a character and adds his own accents. In other words: revision over several interpreters. According to Mueller, Blizzard does this with all the characters in the game.

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