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New discoveries from the Müller probe explain Trump's anger

But such revelations are almost never good news for Trump.

The wide range of investigations by various jurisdictions could also provide a rich seam to the Democratic House Chairmen if they put the primary evidence revealed by Mueller and other prosecutors. 19659003] And the publication underscores that various investigations that penetrate deeply into Trump's business, personal, and political lives will keep the President for years to come – even after Müller has left the stage.

Campaign funding case still alive

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The pages of the arrest warrants make it clear that the investigation into whether the Trump organization is in involved in the electoral campaign is his hush money payments to women before the 2016 elections are still pending.

Eighteen and a half blackened pages at the end of a day d The document entitled "The Illegal Campaign Contribution Scheme" almost certainly contains details about Trump's interaction with Cohen.

Prosecutors in the southern district of New York believe that these elements must be highlighted in the public eye. – who have already implicated Trump indirectly – are not over.

"They are not finished, we have seen this in the notices over and over again," said Preet Bharara, a former US attorney for the Southern District of New York, to Jake Tapper of CNN.

Therefore, Trump can not be sure if his family members or his top business associates are with him. His company could face a criminal threat.

For the President, who wants to exercise dominance over any room, situation or relationship, the lack of control over the fate of his own clan and the business bearing his name as a prosecutor must be almost unbearable.

Some legal observers see the work of the southern district as Trump's most dangerous legal front, even more than Mueller's view, whether there was coordination between the Trump aides and Russia and whether the president obstructed the justice of it.

Acting President can not be accused, Trump can not be sure that he is not prosecuted for violations of the electoral fiat, according to the current Ministry of Justice rules, eventually leaves the Office.

"If I were Donald Trump, I'd be scared," said Democratic Congressman Ted Lieu of California, who is a member of Parliament's Judiciary Committee, in CNN's "The Situation Room" (19659003) that the prosecutor's office has already stated Cohen's statement he advocates making the payments in violation of the electoral campaigning laws in Trump's direction, means that "another shoe may be dropped," Bharara said.

"There may be other people who help or support conspirators right up to the president, and they have not yet decided how they want to proceed," he added.

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The documents from Tuesday also contain further evidence that Trump employees, in this case Cohen, had at least indirect connections with powerful Russians. [1 9659003] They show that Cohen was paid more than $ 500,000 by Columbus Nova LLC, an investment management firm affiliated with Russian citizen Viktor Vekselberg, from January to August 2017 by his company as a business consultant.

Vekselberg is an oligarch – with ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin – who is under US sanctions for voting.

Columbus Nova said in a statement that neither Vekselberg nor anyone outside the company had been involved in the decision to hire Cohen or to provide funding for his work.

Cohen, who is imprisoned in May after he admitted that he had lied to Congress and insulted for tax and fraud offenses, was not charged with unlawful activity as an unregistered foreign lobbyist. But he is far from being the only Trump employee to suggest connections based on prominent Russians. Many of these Trump allies were seized by Müller, who tried to hide such relationships.

The question of whether foreign influences and returns during the Trump campaign for the presidency and early in his administration were in the game, gets to the point Mueller is charged with investigation.

The Narrative of Witch Hunt

Methods used by investigators to identify Cohen, including cutting-edge techniques that target Apple devices, and the revelation as evidenced by the e-mails and the The lawyer's telephone communications may have fueled Trump's anger at what he calls a "witch hunt" by the Special Envoy.

They also believe that Muller and his colleagues in New York could know a lot about the communication of people near Trump in parts of the 2016 campaign and at the beginning of the presidency.

The documents indicate that Mueller had probably shown the cause that Cohen had committed a crime to obtain arrest warrants for two e-mails as early as the summer of 2017, nine months before FBI agents were commissioned by New York prosecutors stormed Cohen's office and residences,

Trump's siege mentality is unlikely to be helped by the simultaneous release of a double page on Tuesday. His home paper, the New York Times, reveals his complicated financial relationship with Deutsche Bank.
Although the article was not unlawful, it is the kind of unflattering profound criticism of his personal and business practices that Trump abhors. 19659033] Given the avalanche of the revelations, it is not surprising that the President is sometimes inclined to isolated rage at Müller.

"THIS SHOULD NEVER HAVE A PRESIDENT AGAIN!" Trump tweeted on Saturday out of the blue.

The Tuesday's revelations also formed the context in which the president stood in the White House Rose Garden, claiming that the US "social collusion" between social media companies opposing conservatives is a real one Agreement was.

Trump praised Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro – a leader with autocratic tendencies in his own image – to inscribe himself in his "fake message."

"It seems to be if they are conservative, if they are Republicans, if they are in a particular group, there is discrimination and big discrimination," Trump added.

Allegations that the president is being subdued in the social media hardly seem believable, as he has 59 million Twitter followers and can set the political agenda by the breakup of some characters.

It is also noteworthy that Muller has accused three Russian entities and 13 Russian nationals in connection with Moscow's operation to use social media to intervene in the 2016 elections of political discord and Chosen Trump.

New intrigues about Rosenstein

  Rosenstein stays longer in the Ministry of Justice & # 39; as expected

For a few weeks now, Washington has been on the verge of expecting that Müller should fall towards the end of the road.

On Tuesday, however, there was a new crease The news that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who has oversaw much of the Mueller investigation, is not yet ready to give up his job.

Rosenstein was expected to leave in mid-March after a new Attorney General, William Barr, who is not being thrown back from the Russia probe like his predecessor Jeff Sessions, has taken office.

Rosenstein now stays "a little bit longer" than originally thought.
A source familiar with the affair told CNN's Pamela Brown, Rosenstein Waits for Müller to pass on his report to Barr.

Rosenstein sees himself as a "heat shield" since his appointment to Müller and may be able to take the "hit" if a controversy breaks out when the report falls

Slo w-rolling Trumps defense

  The White House misses Democrats & # 39; Deadline for submitting documents

While Trump feels increasingly isolated, there are new signs that Democrats, who have launched their own sweeping investigations against the Trump world, will encounter significant difficulties. [19659031] The White House has missed the deadline for the House Judiciary Committee to release a series of records in connection with an investigation into whether Trump has abused the Force.

Some former officials who received letters from the committee to ask for documents, including former White House attorney Don McGahn and former assistant counselor Annie Donaldson, referred her to the White House.

Republicans said the committee had only received answers from eight of the 81 officials who had received letters from the committee earlier this month, and a ninth had sent documents. although they had not been received yet.

The Democrats drew a more positive picture, but the speed thresholds were a sign of the convoluted street of subpoenas and legal challenges are pending as House Democrats face the White House's resistance.

Non-governmental people, however, are more exposed to subpoenas than others in the administration, as they can not wage long struggles alleging concerns over executive privilege as an excuse

CNNs Kevin Collier, Marshall Cohen, Erica Orden, Pamela Brown, Sara Murray, Jeremy Herb, Manu Raju, Katelyn Polantz and Kara Scannell all contributed to the report.

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