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New emoji approved to express fear of 2020

This year has been tough. Wildfire smoke has engulfed the west coast, hundreds of thousands have died from an ongoing pandemic, and the U.S. government has been bogged down to the point of illegitimacy, unable to tackle the economic, political, environmental, and medical devastation that threatens to engulf us. Even for those who are not directly affected, the perception of ongoing crises has turned into a kind of psychological attack that challenges the limits of what we can express.

Fortunately, a new crop of emoji has just been approved by the Unicode Consortium to help. You probably won̵

7;t get to your phone until 2021, but you are clearly influenced by the chaos of the year, be it “face exhale” (clearly exhausted), “face in clouds” (smoke?) Or “heart on fire” “(self explanatory).

I’m particularly impressed by the “Face with Spiral Eyes” emoji submitted by Google Emoji Tsarina Jennifer Daniel. The suggestion, which is also referred to as “uncomfortable face” (mood), contains suggested keywords such as “oh no”, “anger”, “whoa” and “yikes” (also mood) that could trigger the symbol. The general acronym is clear enough, especially from the anime examples included as part of the document: spiral eyes mean dizzy, hypnotized, or in general so overwhelmed that they are no longer in control of their actions or are able to do the To perceive the world.

In part, this is intended to resolve a conflict as to how different platforms interpret the emoji “x eyes”, since Google and Microsoft have actually interpreted it The Emoji with spiral eyes for a while. But it is also an expression of the deeper incomprehensibility of the last six months, when social isolation contracts and a surreal procession of personal and global tragedies unfolds. In 2020 we will all have spiral eyes.

There is also an approved label that allows you to add a beard to any facial emoji (male or female) to show how much you have aged in the past six months.

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