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New Fortnite: Battle Royale weapon, guided rocket, coming soon

Epic's aggressive rollout of new content for Fortnite: Battle Royale continues. With a starter pack now available for purchase, Epic has teased the next piece of playable content being added, and it's another explosive weapon.

As can be seen on the game update screen, something called Steering Missile is way to fight Royale. The description says "remote control destruction from above". In addition, we do not really know what we can expect from this weapon, including how it works. Is this a target rocket? Or, more likely, can you target the rocket after firing it? With which rarities does it come into play?

Whatever the details are, we'll know soon, because the joke says it will be released soon. This could mean that another weapon is "domed" ̵

1; temporarily removed from the game to prevent too many items from being active at the same time – as was the case with some other items recently. [ Update: Epic has now shared a video tease for the weapon you can see below.]

While the arsenal of players will continue to expand with the release of the guided missile, one thing we still have & # 39; The jetpack is still here. This should have started weeks ago, just for Epic to delay it at the last minute. Unfortunately, we still have not received an update on where the development is, although Epic has not stopped it from releasing more new weapons, cosmetics, and time-limited modes like the recently completed flash.

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