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New Horizonte Fans Petition Nintendo About Big Missing Feature

Animal Crossing fans are passionate fans, and it should come as no surprise then that they have launched a petition for a missing feature in Animal Crossing: New Horizons which will be released shortly in Nintendo Switch next year. What causes the whole stench? Well, Animal Crossing: New Horizons is not compatible with cloud backup backups. Why? Because Nintendo does not want players to manipulate time with them and cheat the system. It's a pretty weird reason, and it's a reason that does not go down well with some fans.

As a direct response to this missing feature, fans have launched a petition asking Nintendo to add cloud storage to the game. The petition is actually a few months old, but it's starting to turn around again, and currently has over 8,000 signatures.

The petition argues that there are a lot of risks that are not associated with cloud storage, and that this worsens the fact that many players put hundreds and hundreds of hours into each new installment. And that is true. As mentioned earlier, Animal Crossing fans are legitimate. These risks include losing a portable console, suspending the console, and losing the storage date. If no cloud storage is made, this can lead to significant progress losses.

"Overall, We Think That This Is the Case Considering how much time many players spend on games in this franchise, the fact that Animal Crossing is a real-time game (e.g. For example, to lose one year of game progression, take another year to recover), and given new data storage issues with the switch, there should be at least one way to ensure players can recover their stored data in the event of breakdowns. " closes the petition. "

Personally I think this is a strange call from Nintendo. Animal Crossing is not just a competitive game (so who cares if someone cheats), but why should it be the actions of a few that follow the others? "Rules?"

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is expected next year on the 20th. March appear. It will only be available through the Nintendo Switch and the Nintendo Switch. For more news, media, and information on the upcoming Exclusives, see our previous coverage by clicking here.



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