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New images of probably Google Pixelbook 2 show frames

The attention of the past few weeks has been Google Pixel 4. However, we believe that more Made by Google devices will debut at next month's event. A candidate, the Google Pixelbook 2, has surfaced in new images and takes another look at the 4K display and bezels.

For over a year, we've been tracking "Atlas" as the most likely in-development Chromebook to become a real laptop successor to the Google Pixelbook. During this time, we have learned almost everything we want to know about it, especially technical data and display information. A device that matches Atlas hardware even went through the FCC in July, possibly indicating an impending start.

However, one aspect of the "Atlas" pixel book 2 that has escaped us so far is what it really looks like. Early video leaks showed us a bizarre combination of colors (black with gray-brown buttons) and placeholder graphics, while newer images had a more pixel-like color scheme, making the Google Pixelbook 2 look like a dark, seemingly black color again.

In this image we can see that the Google Pixelbook 2 has relatively thin borders on the sides becomes. However, they seem to be thicker than the Lenovo Yoga Chromebook C630, the only other 4K Chromebook on the market. However, the lower edging still looks very big, which is a shame.

Aside from the bezels, these leaked images only show that the PixelBook 2 may be available in more than one color, which would be a first for a Made by Google Chromebook. It would be weird for Google to choose black as the second color for the Pixelbook 2, since the Pixel Slate has already introduced "Midnight Blue" as a gorgeous premium hue. At the same time, pixel phones always had black as a standard option.

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