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New Jersey Tips for pest control –  home and garden maintenance


Living in New Jersey comes with a variety of challenges that have to be overcome. While these are similar to challenges that everyone faces no matter where they live, you still have to be able to deal with them when they arise. These include extremely busy traffic throughout the day, bad manners from a lot of the population and renowned poor customer service. However, another issue that often arises much closer to home can be even more infuriating- household pests. These pesky little buggers have caused a lot of people problems over the years and will continue to do so if we don’t all group together to fight them off- but how do we actually do this? Don’t worry, there are quite a lot of ways to handle the situation and that’s why I’m here today. Here are my top tips for fighting off household pests in New Jersey.

My first piece of advice would be to hire a pest control service- particularly if you already have a pest problem at your home. While it’s always admirable to try and sort your own problems, it can be a great help if, every now and then, you hire a bunch of professionals to do it for you. These kinds of companies really know what they’re doing and can provide a lot of useful advice and tools. They often get a bad reputation (mostly due to cartoon films depicting them in a negative light) but they are worth giving a call in most cases. The majority of them are good at dealing with specific pests and therefore you can look for one that suits your needs. Most of them will be more than willing to give you some free advice and maybe even a financial quote. If you want to check out a New Jersey example, check out Excel Pest Services.

Making sure that all of the rooms in your hose are clean at all times will also help a great deal. The majority of pests feed on uncleanliness- mould, leftover food or any growing bacteria. If you want to avoid giving them any excuses to enter your home, making sure you clean on a regular basis is really important. Keeping on top of things is always a good idea and it prevents anything from building up. This means pests will be much less likely to pay you a visit- and it’ll also mean your house is clean in general, which is always a good thing.

Blocking any entry points for pests will benefit you greatly as well. You need to make it as difficult as possible for pests to get into your home and ensuring all holes and cracks are covered up is a good way to start. Any holes in your walls, gaps under doors or loosely fitted windows should be filled in as soon as possible; this will limit any access points and will allow you to carry on living in peace.