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New low price: Apple's iPad 2018 costs $ 229, beating Black Friday's best deal

The iPad 9.7 (2018) is back on the market today, and this time the price is actually cheaper than on Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday. For the version with 32 GB of storage, there is a total price reduction of $ 100.

You can buy the iPad 2018 for $ 229 through Walmart. Amazon also has the same business, although stocks in both stores are likely to be low. It used to be $ 80 – and people quickly picked up on this deal in the last month.

Also sold is the new iPad with 128 GB and 350 dollars on Amazon, although only the Space Gray before Christmas comes at this price, the retailer. The Silver version may be at your doorstep on December 21st, while the Gold Edition is sold out.

We've updated this page to reflect the new price reductions in a list:

128GB iPad 2018 Deal: $ 80 Tonight

Again, this deal may be for the 128GB iPad Time before or after Christmas arrive the color you buy Either way, it's an amazing price. Your loved ones will understand, if you buy an iPad 2018 for yourself, it's worth it.

The iPad 2018 was always a good deal, even though it was launched in March at $ 329 in the 32GB size. It's the best iPad for most people and also the best tablet if you do not want to spend crazy money on Apple's Pro tablet.

At $ 249, we said it was a fantastic deal on Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday. And now the price has dropped another 20 dollars. We have gone from a good offer to a fantastic offer – what's next?

Considering that this was one of the most popular offers last month, we do not expect the low price of either Walmart or Amazon to last long in both sizes. So get it for as long as you can.

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