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New Microsoft Store design for Xbox revealed

Microsoft has released a new version of its Microsoft Store for Xbox, which will be available to insiders from August 5 and will be available to all users in the fall. In the Xbox Wire store, the store is going to be completely redesigned (and clearly a newer version of the store design that leaked in June) that should be twice as quick to load, easier to find, and safer. The post only mentions this store in relation to Xbox One, but we’ve already heard that the X series will have the same user interface as Xbox One, so we may also be looking at the next generation store.

You can see a number of screenshots below:

9 images of the new Microsoft Store design for Xbox

The store should start within two seconds and be quicker to search and watch trailers. Trailers can be played inline while surfing (ie without opening the game’s store page) and set to autoplay.

The store now also includes a “completely redesigned navigation system” that enables better search filtering, a newly created wish list to notify you of sales of items you are currently viewing, an updated shopping cart and better-surfed offers for games that are available at previous generations of consoles and more. In a walkthrough with Major Nelson, Microsoft’s Cody Bird explained that the store was partially designed to be easier for new users to navigate.

The store can now only be used when users are logged in, which serves two main purposes. The first is that the store appears to recommend games that are more relevant to your interests, but the second is that game age ratings are better displayed and can be filtered by child accounts to prevent underage gamers from viewing content that is for their ages are inappropriate.

Confirmed Xbox Series X games

Some Xbox insiders will be able to try the new store starting August 5th and gradually roll it out to more and more users before an autumn release. Cody Bird added that this is the “starting point” for the new business, not a finished product, and it will evolve after the launch.

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