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New Music Festival video shows Knicks owner James Dolan At Peak Weenie

Photo: Rick Diamond (Getty)

Less than a week after New York Knicks owner James Dolan threw a fan out of a Knicks game, a new video posted on Twitter today shows that Dolan tries to kick a fan out of music festival.

The fan, Kevin DiStasio, brought a sign saying "Cancel your job. Sell ​​the Knicks to a performance by Dolans Band during the Pilgrimage Music Festival in Chattanooga, Tenn., Last September. What happened next, as reported for the first time in Dolan's tale, is the New York Daily News incredibly bleak.

It's a bit hard to hear; This is the exchange that happened:

Dolan spotted DiStasio and his character, "Oh no, you, come on. Why are you here? "

DiStasio:" I am a music fan. "

Dolan:" You are a music fan and hold up this sign? Do not you think that's a bit negative? Everyone else here thinks that's a bit negative? "

[One person in the crowd boos lethargically.]

Dolan:" I will invite you to go. "[To the crowd]" What do you say? So everyone else can talk well. Okay, can you do that now? Many Thanks. Goodbye.

To sum it up again: Dolan has attempted to beat a NYDN event for writing true things about the Knicks. He banned his associates from going to WFAN because a radio personality criticized his Harvey Weinstein ballad, threw a fan out of a Knicks game because he told him to sell the team, and we now know that He has chosen a fight with a random man holding a shield at his own, sparse concert. Dolan has wired the world so effectively that he is the most sensitive penis in all sports, and I would not be surprised if he was soon followed by people who use the signs "selling knicks" on every public appearance. I just hope there is a video.

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