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New Nazca line finds found among oldest stone lines

birds. Be crazy. Monkeys. Mysterious men.

These are some of the recognizable forms that are scattered in the desert of southern Peru at a distance of kilometers of stone.

The full extent of this archaeological miracle was only perceived when they were seen from the air century

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They still inspire and intrigue.

More than a thousand such markers have been identified. Now National Geographic reports that another 50 can be added.

And some of them are among the oldest found so far.

Archeologists using drones with high-resolution camera have mapped the World Heritage In search of more footprints that motivated the ancient artists

The new mysterious monuments they found have been heavily eroded over the centuries. Their remains are only slightly etched into the ground and almost invisible to the naked eye.

Between 200 and 700 AD, the Nazca culture ruled over the highland desert. They are responsible for most of the extensive network of stone lines and tracks.

But the archaeologists of Peru have dated many of the new paintings as much older ̵

1; between 500BC and 200AD. This puts them in the hands of the earlier Paracas and Topara cultures.

"Most of these characters are warriors," said Peruvian archaeologist Luis Jaime Castillo Butters to National Geographic. "These could be seen from a distance so people had seen them, but over time they were completely wiped out."

The people of Paracas preferred to place their stone monuments on the hills, National Geographic can be seen from the villages below.

The Nazca lay their stone lines mostly on flat ground, where their full form could only be seen from the sky.

And where the Nazca works consist mainly of lines and polygons, the people of Paracas generally followed the human form.

But the age of the new discoveries indicates that the stacked stone art works were a tradition that extended over a period of a thousand years.

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