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New "Overwatch" card lets players fall into elegant Paris – diversity

Paris is the last place to come to Overwatch, Blizzard reveals on Wednesday, and the attack card will be live on the PTR so fans can check it out right away.

The Map Players can navigate through iconic scenes in the world-famous city and fight their way through narrow streets and corridors before clashing along the Seine.

The show also features the Cabaret Luna, home to the musical talents of the Diva Luna P√Ętisserie Galand and the Maison Marat, a grand palace where a gala is held in the heart of the city.

Overwatch now has 20 cards, the dozen, originally delivered with the eight cards after release. Blizzard usually publishes three new cards a year. The last published playing card was the Korean control card Busan. It was unveiled during the August Korea Overwatch Fan Festival when it was added to the game's PTR server. She met on September 1

1, 2018 on the live server.

For more information about Paris in Overwatch, visit www.playoverwatch.com.

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